5 reasons why Paris is cooler than London (5/5)

There we are, arrived at reason number 5 of our list. The last reason of the list but absolutely not the last thing I could think of… the variety.

I did some research and noticed that London has 32 different districts while Paris has ”only” 20. Because of the size you would assume that London would offer more variety. It’s a larger area so, more opportunities to create different neighborhoods, shops and buildings. I didn’t noticed it. Everything looked the same to me. It felt like I had walked across the same street for three days long. I have told you that I haven’t seen half as much as I wanted but still, it missed the excitement of discovering new places in such a big city.

Back to the facts. Paris has 20 districts which are also known in French as ‘arrondissements’. Besides the famous quote of Audrey Hepburn is Paris also known by a quote of King François I ”Paris is not a city, it’s a world”. And it’s more that true because, a world consists different countries, each with their own character, charisma and people. That’s why it looks like you’re traveling through Paris through a teleportation machine. Each district brings something new. Here are 5 examples of 5 different districts of Paris. I can’t pick a favorite!

Let’s start with money, power and wealth at the first district of Paris, Louvre.
3-Parijs April 20143

Craft shops, art galleries and also known as the Jewish Quarter. That can only be Le Marais in the 4th (and also 3th) district of Paris Hôtel-de-Ville (and Temple).
1-My Little Dream

Dance cabarets, sex shops and a great nightlife. Yes, you’re in the 9th district called Opéra at Place Pigalle.

4-December Danielle 2013 vervolg8Painters, vineyards, French history and the feeling of a little village on top of the world. It’s on top of Butte-Montmartre in the 18th district of Paris called Montmartre. 

7-My Little Dream2And last but not least is this street called Rue Mouffetard in the 5th district of Paris called Panthéon.
5-Parijs April 20142

You see what I mean? I hope you enjoyed my photo’s and my view of London vs. Paris. Now it’s time to leave London behind and focus on Paris again. The good news is that I have already booked a new trip to Paris. Paris Plage here I come :)

Sweet dreams or a really good morning ♥


5 reasons why Paris is cooler than London (4/5)

I‘m the type of person that likes details. Details on facades, curbs, road signs, statues, walls and doors. The good news about this is that Paris is full of them. Little details and gorgeous architecture, they characterize the city. Especially the big wooden doors. I can stare at them for hours and then I want to know what’s behind it. A romantic courtyard, a couple of tramps who are playing dice or maybe an expensive gallery. One thing is for sure, the wooden doors dominate the city in a pleasant way. It’s a bit like:
Knock knock
Who’s their?

The weird thing was that after my visit to London, I noticed that I hadn’t seen one single unique door! That’s why the ”Wooden Doors’ are reason number 4 on the list!

I’m not saying that London has to replace all the doors but there is nothing wrong with a little pimping. I’m not even too lazy to give some beautiful inspiration photo’s of the doors in Paris. Pay attention London, time to take notes ;)

Sweet dreams or a really good morning ♥


3 reasons why rain isn’t a problem in Paris.

During my last trip the raindrops were very attached to me. Personally, I’m more a fan of sunshine so that was a little awkward. Still, I didn’t complain because I love the following quote ”it’s Paris, you don’t come here for the weather”. True that.

I have to admit that the rain makes it difficult for a photographer to take pictures. The lens gets wet and taking pictures while holding an umbrella isn’t an ideal combination. My boyfriend had to hold my umbrella for a zillion times…sorry Dylan! 

To convince you that a little rain in Paris isn’t a bad thing, are here my 3 favorite reasons why you have to keep smiling.

1. Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.
Does this reason need an explanation? They look fabulous! The people on the picture below came from Malta. I wanted to take a picture of them, but they asked me first. The colors they wear are the colors of the flag of Malta. Such a kind couple, bit of a shame that they are standing in the wrong direction ;)

 Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.

Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.

2. Time for foodies and goodies!
When the sun shines, I’m busy taking pictures, walking around and quickly get something to eat. When it rains, I visit more shops, eat in cafes or bakeries and there is finally time for underground and covered sights. Always make a backup plan if the weather is a bit disappointing.

Time for foodies and goodies

Time for foodies and goodies

3. Royal transport.
Finally a valid reason to drive around like a queen. Normally, I would never step into a car with a stranger like that, but rain can change your thoughts. You don’t want to sit all day in an underground subway and the buses are mostly overcrowded when it rains. Walking with an umbrella is fine but if you want to hurry up… jump into a Tuk Tuk! Everything has a price to pay… from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc d’Triomphe cost you around the 20 euros! Quite expensive, nice to have once done in Paris.

Yes, this is allowed now!

Yes, this is allowed now!


Enjoy your rainy days in Paris!


L’Univers de Léo – souvenirs in Paris.

Notre Dame Postcard

Let’s talk about an ordinary souvenir shop called L’univers de Léo. Why? Because discovering a city like Paris, as a tourist, isn’t always a bad idea. Also the popular souvenir shops have cool items you want to take home. Even if it is just a small postcard ;) I have to be honest, it still remains a souvenir shop. The final concept of the store is not as original as it should have been but… you have to love this store. It’s full of happy colors, must-have gadgets and a lot of presents.

I’ll give you a little impression.
For more info
L univers de leoPostcard 1L univers de leo cow


Book-off, budget bookstore in Paris.

Book Off 5Cheap, cozy and just a moment for yourself. That’s how I would like to describe my favorite budget store in Paris, Book-Off.

If you like reading books, listening to some old music on (prehistoric) CD players (like me!) or love to watch some movies.. this is your place to be! It’s a small store but they used every square feet of it, to store stuff for very low prices. And I mean really low prices. You could buy CD’s for €2 of €4 euro’s and books for €1! That’s how I like to shop. They also had games, a big Anime collection, gift boxes, DVD and books about everything, if you can think about it, they have it ;)

I was in heaven for a moment when I walked into this little book store, totally surprised by the wide range of books, CD’s and other crazy stuff. But the best thing about this shop is the real Parisian atmosphere. I saw mothers buying some books for their children, a mysterious guy with long hair hanging around at the Anime section, an old lady searching for some cook books and a street musician reading the back of some CD covers. It was just like in a movie and I wanted to stay there the whole day. Just sitting at a little stool in front of the CD’s of Elvis Presley, enjoying the people who pass by. Of course I took some quick pictures of this special place for you because I had to share this on my blog. But next time I keep my camera off. I don’t want to ruin this rare non-touristic place in Paris, it’s perfect the way it is.

Book-off exceeded all my expectations so, I want to give you a ”golden tip”: don’t look for beautiful windows or only for famous brands. DISCOVER. That’s the most important thing if you want to find the hidden secrets in Paris. Step into the stores who don’t seem very interesting, you might be surprised what treasure is inside!

90 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris
Metro: Ledru-Rollin
Book Off

Book Off 2Book Off 4Book Off 3


Villa Léandre, a little heaven in Montmartre.

Paris has so much to offer, every time I’m walking around, Paris surprises me with something I didn’t expect. Like this peaceful square, hidden in the middle of touristic Montmartre. It caught my attention because I saw a little black cat laying on the ground and of course I wanted to pet him. So. I walked further and then I saw this beautiful place. It was so quiet, gorgeous and different from the other houses in Paris. These houses had an own garden, different structures and colors, vintage street lighting and it reminded me a bit of a small village in England. For me it would be a perfect place to live in Paris but, it must cost a fortune…lets do some research!

Just what I thought, you have to pay some big money if you want to rent a house with a garden in Paris. It looks like Villa Léandre is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Paris. Renting a house here will cost you around €10.200 a month!! For that money you can buy a lot of macaroons from Ladurée ;)

The street was built on the site of a former mill in Montmartre in 1926 and is named after a local comedian, Charles Léandre. Villa Léandre is an English-inspired street, ha.. not so strange that it reminded me of an English village.

What do you think of this lovely place, is it worth the €10.200 a month?
Tip: check it out on Google street view.

Villa LeandreVilla Leandre 1Villa Leandre 2


A new way of discovering Paris.

Montmartre is one of my favorite districts in Paris. There are so many unique stores, it’s hard to control myself from not spending all my money :’) Also this time I had no control of my right hand and before I knew it.. I bought the best book of my life! The reason that I share this book with you is because, it’s absolutely a must have for every Paris lover. I found it in a typical bookstore somewhere in Montmartre. Also the typical bookstores are focusing a bit more on tourists. I think that’s the reason I found this book on a table outside the store between some city guides..

It’s a pop-up book with pretty illustrations of Paris, double layers and fun facts about the districts and highlights. They mentioned the name of each building on the map. You can look at it as an oversized city map! Only this pop-up book, makes reading facts interesting. They thought so well about all details. For example: bridges, metro stations, tourist buses, happy couples, artist.. you name it! They even thought about the ‘white vans’ on the Champs Élysées who always ruin my pictures of the Arc d’Triomphe!!

Deep bow to the creators of this amazing work: Arnaud Roi and Sylvie Bessard *clap clap clap*.
Here’s a little sneak peak of the book! 

Paris BookParis Book 6Paris Book 2Paris Book 4Paris Book 7