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I’ll return to Paris this Saturday for more photo’s and hotpots. This year my goal is to write a bit more, but when I’m not here you can always find me on my Instagram pages.

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Weekly photo challenge, Half and Half.

Louis Vuitton donker kopieMy Weekly Photo Challenge, Half and Half shows a man alone in the universe. Humble to the forces of mother nature. A man can make great things but, will always have to give in to the power of the unknown.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

BarbieI like to scale things up when I’m in Paris. Just because of the fact that Paris is full of hidden treasures that are worth to take a closer look at.

I found this ”beauty” in the streets of Belleville, an area in Paris located between 4 different districts: the 20th, 19th, 11th and 10th district. Belleville was formerly an independent town separated from Paris. The name Belleville means beautiful city. For now Belleville is an non touristic area, but I think that will change in a few years. That’s because Belleville is an upcoming area with lots an lots of hidden treasures! I’ll soon tell you more about the best places in Belleville.

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥ 



Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra Extra

BrideWeekly Photo Challenge – Extra Extra.
Click on the photo for a bigger format. 

You know that feeling when you read a new Photo Challenge and you know imminently what photo you want post? Well,mine was this one. Two love birds at the front and a pissing guy at the background, but since I’ve used that photo already I didn’t want to use it again. Let’s keep this blog a bit exciting, right?

My second thought was this photo of a lovely couple. Deeply in love, well dressed and looking like a Disney princes. Then you notice all the awkward selfies in the back…it looks like they aren’t celebrating this special day alone. Let’s hope that the photographer can Photoshop them away ;)

Sweet dreams or a really good morning ♥


Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

birdsDrop your winter coats and put on that fabulous trench coat! Change your wool scarf for a beautiful velvet shawl. Get rid of those thick shoes and grab your ballerinas out of the closet. Spring time in Paris is amazing! 

Spring is such a relax season of the year. After those (too long lasting) cold winter days we’re dying for the first sunbeams. The Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring reminded me of this picture because for me, watching people in Jardin des Tuileries is the best way to celebrate the spring. Fascinating how the flower beds regain color and the leaves on the trees begin to grow again. Parisians and tourists gather again around the fountains and the books and picnic baskets reappear. The windows of the fashion stores at Rue de Rivoli are changing their winter collection for the new summer trends and colors. Paris is getting ready for another great year ♥

Don’t you love the big smile of this man? Pigeons are great, haha. Spring, summer, autumn or winter…that doesn’t matter for me! I always make time to take care of my little friends. Spring means finally, no more cold days for them. Except a few exceptions of course ;)

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument

Gustave Eiffel”I ought to be jealous of the tower. She is more famous than I am. – Gustave Eiffel († 1832-1923)” 

The Eiffel Tower had to be my Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s the most famous monument of Paris and I love to photograph it. 125 years old and it still gets people excited every day. Yeah, I know it’s a big tourist meeting point but for me it’s more than that. When I’m on the third floor and I can see Paris move… I’m always impressed. Mostly impressed by the size of the city. Again and Again. But the most important thing is that the view motivates me. I can’t wait to discover more and write about it! Everyone has his own source for inspiration. For me is the Eiffel Tower a very important one.

My point of this photo. Without Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower wouldn’t have exist. So, this time I didn’t put the Eiffel Tower in the spotlight, but the creator of it. Big applause for Gustave Eiffel.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Street life

rue tholozé

Weekly Photo Challenge – Street life. Streets are my favorite subject to photograph and to discover. The different cars, people, doors, mailboxes, houses and even the stones on the ground, I just can’t get enough of it.

In Paris it isn’t a problem to find an interesting or a photogenic street because, Paris has more than 6000 streets (that’s a huge choice!). 6000 unique streets, each with its own character, stores and styles. You can clearly see the difference between the wealthier and poorer districts. It’s so amazing that you can hike all day long and that it feels like you have visited 20 different cities ;) Why make a road trip through Europe when Paris has everything?

I bet you do have a favorite street somewhere on this beautiful planet? Come on, share it with us! By Twitter or leave a comment below! 

FYI: I’ve written more posts about streets in Paris. Here they are, enjoy them!
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Rue Quincampoix, Paris.
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Rue Saint-Paul, Le Marais, Paris




Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection

reflectionLet’s start this week with a Weekly Photo Challenge called ‘reflection’. I chose this picture for two different reasons. The first reason is obvious, it shows a reflection of the famous hotel, ‘Hotel du Louvre’ in Paris. The second reason is more personal but if you’ve followed my blog a bit… you may well expect what’s coming ;)

Paris is more than a city for me. It’s a place for reflection, self-awareness, challenges, inspiration and a place for achievements. Some people have a display of prices in the living room, I have Paris. My ultimate goal in life is to become a true ‘Paris expert’. I want to write all day about this city and enjoy people with my work. It won’t be easy but to be honest, I’m convinced that I’m going to achieve that goal! I’m already on my way, right?!

Thank you guys for all the help in achieving that goal. I hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to read more stuff. I’m working on a new website about Paris. It’s so much fun to be working on it but it cost a lot of time. I also have to go to work, what always takes a bit too much time ;)  I try to work as fast as possible but good articles and drawings take some time. I work with love and passion not with stress and a deadline! I’ll keep you informed when it’s online and I hope to see you all around!

Thanks again for all the support and don´t hesitate to send me an email anytime!
Enjoy the photo and let me know what your perfect place for reflection is.

Bonne nuit (ou bonjour!) ♥  


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Montmartre TroubleshootWhen I heard the theme of the new Weekly Photo Challenge, I immediately thought of this photo I took in Montmartre.

I’m not sure, but I hope this place is abandoned. There were big holes in the wall, windows are boarded up and it’s dirty. In Paris nothing surprises me and if I take a closer look at the second window… I see something that looks suspiciously like a bed sheet or a towel? It looks like they use every square meter in this city. 

Despite the bad condition, you have to admit that the location is perfect. Just a few steps away from the Sacré-Coeur, which is the opposite of abandoned ;)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

musicanFor me, the treasures of Paris are the things that are least appreciated. But without them, the city would have much less charisma.

For example,  I enjoy more the music of a musician who plays his favorite songs under a bridge, then going to an expensive club, where a spoiled pop star is singing. I do agree that the streets of Paris are way too crowded with traffic, but isn’t it a beautiful sight at night? The smell of the the subway is sometimes unbearable, but if it would smell like roses or toilet cleaner.. traveling by metro won’t be adventure to me anymore.

That’s why the treasures of Paris aren’t something you can hold. But something that you are going to miss when it’s gone.