5 reasons why Paris is cooler than London (1/5)

ToiletsLast weekend I was in London, to visit a colleague of mine. She is working there as an ”au pair” for one year. We hadn’t seen her in a long time so we (me and 4 other ladies) decided that it was time to show our faces! A good reason for a little break, right?

Of course I didn’t expect that London was more beautiful than Paris, but some more action would have been nice. I’ve searched the whole weekend for places of interest but not even one little thing caught my eye the way Paris does. Maybe it was because we were with a group (six different opinions) on vacation…but I think London is just not that special. I do believe that I’ve missed a huge part of London, but for now here are 5 things I missed in London and 5 reasons why Paris is more fun.

We start with one and the rest will follow.
Reason one – public toilets. 

Where the hell were those things?! As I told you above, I was on tour with 5 other ladies and they had to go to the toilet soooooo many times! Of course that’s annoying, but more annoying was the fact that London had no public toilets. Maybe a few but not in a way like Paris…on almost every corner of the street. We had to search for toilets everywhere. At cafes, cinemas, MacDonald’s, stores and even at the London underground. I think I’ve seen more toilets than sights. So, if you travel with people with a sensitive bladder, I can highly recommend Paris to you!

The lesson I’ve learned about this is that ‘you only know what you miss when it’s gone.’ 

Sweet dreams or a really good morning ♥

P.s. lady’s, a clean toilet in Paris still exists!


Lady’s, a clean toilet in Paris still exists!

Toilets de la Madeleine It’s the nightmare of every women, public toilets! Just the thought of it. Again and again the same story. You really need to go to the toilet and there are only dirty and overcrowded toilets available. Always long lines in front of the entrance where you want to go inside. Frustrated you look to the entrance of the men’s room where, as usual, no one stands. Would you do it? Take the risk? Or do you stay right where you are… After some doubt you choose the last one, of course, you’re a woman and you don’t want to be spotted at the men’s restroom. How tempting it is.

Fate strikes. Where can you go? Ladies, get over your trauma and remember this address for next time:

This public restroom is a little pearl in a big ocean. Quiet, clean, and authentic. Here you can refresh yourself, do your make-up and not unimportant, go to the toilet! And when you’re done with everything you can visit the Madeleine, it’s on the other side.

The restroom can be found at the following address:
Toilets de la Madeleine
Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris

When you’re standing in front of the Madeleine, go stand with your back to the Obelisk at Place de la Concorde. Then search for a small staircase at your right side. These stairs lead you to the toilets.