Interview for Jan’s Hidden Travel.

Danielle 1Today I did an interview for Jan’s Hidden Travel, I know I’m not the only one they asked (so I don’t feel special or something ;) but I thought it was a fun thing to do and to share on my blog. Hope you enjoy!

What do you do?
Hi, my name is Daniëlle and I’m a art student blogging about the most inspiring city in the world, Paris! Every week I write articles and photograph the things in Paris that catch my eye. The people who read my blog are the ones who keep me motivated and if they need me, I’m always there to answer their questions :)

Why Do People Need Your Business?
Paris is a big city and most tourist guides don’t tell you about the hidden places. I do! I show people my view of Paris and everything that comes with it. Just a normal girl, wandering the streets of Paris. I don’t create unrealistic expectations, I only teach the readers of my blog, how they can get the best out of their trip to Paris.
What are some of the most amazing things about your city?
The most fascinating thing about Paris are the beautiful colors and the variation of the city. Every district feels like a different world. That makes every building, person, animal or object so interesting, especially to photograph! I love to discover new things in Paris because, this city isn’t only a place with millions of sights and stores, but also a place with many years of (art) history.Oh and by the way, the Parisians are truly kind people. Don’t let you tell otherwise!
Where would you go on a lonely Wednesday evening?
That can be at so many places. For example the Marais, a neighborhood that always lives. Take place on a terrace, enjoy a basked of french garlic bread and watch the crowd go by. If you don’t want to spend that much money, get yourself some falafel and sneak to the hidden garden: Jardis des Rosies.If you’re a fan of modern art, you can go to Palais de Tokyo, it’s open till 12 midnight!
Where are the best places to go when the weather is horrible?! 
You know what they say: it’s Paris, you don’t come here for the weather. I do have to confess that when it’s raining, I hurry myself to the closest bakery. Paris has a lot of them. My favorite is Coquelicot in Montmartre.I do understand that when you’re visiting Paris, you don’t want to sit all day in a bakery, how cute their are ;) So I have a few other tips for you.1. Subway chillings! I know that sounds a bit weird but, did you knew that every subway station in Paris has a theme that has something to do with the French history. Take Fulgence Bienvenue as an example, also known as the father of the metro! So much to learn, you only have to buy one ticket and you can travel the whole day underground.2. Speaking of going underground, the catacombs are really worth to visit. The catacombs are an underground cemetery where more than 6 million Parisians have found their final resting place.3. Alright, I also understand that maybe you don’t get excited about seeing dead people. There are many more places to go while it’s raining. Check out: Villette Science Park, Louis Vuitton Foundation, Marche couvert Saint Quentin (very big flea/antique market), Shakespeare & Company and if you want to know more places… just read the rest of my blog!
What’s the most romantic restaurant in this city and WHY?
That’s a question, I can’t answer. I’m really not that romantic haha. I love to eat outside instead of a restaurant. But if you are still waiting for an answer… order a pizza at Pink Flamingo (at Canal St.Martin). You get a pink balloon with you while you search for a romantic spot along the canal. Because of your pink balloon they where to find you and when your pizza is there…a romantic night is guaranteed ♥ Don’t forget to buy a bottle of wine!
What are your best money saving tips?
I once wrote a post about that on my blog. I always say: buy your food at local markets. The prices are way lower and the food is even fresher! Instead of going to a restaurant choose for ‘food-on-the-go’. You don’t have to pay 5 euros for a glass of juice, don’t have to sit next to strangers and you can sit (almost) wherever you want!Oh, and save money on sightseeing. There are a lot of free sights like: the cemetery Pére Lachaise, the Sacré Coeur (beautiful view of the city), Le Musée du Parfum, and many gardens like Jardin du Luxembourg and the Tuileries. On the first Sunday of the month, Centre Pompidou and the Louvre are free to visit.
What are your goals?
My goal is to become a real Paris expert. I would love to write my own travel guides, including my own photography and illustrations. I would love to create travel videos with information and impressions about Paris through my eyes. Basically, I just want to share my knowledge and experiences with the world.
What or WHO would help you hit your goals?
Everyone who reads my blog, share my articles, ask me questions, share their thoughts or ask me to write for them are helping me to achieve my goals. So please, keep doing what you’re doing, I appreciate a lot!


Don’t forget to check out the new website www.worldofparis.com! 


3 reasons why rain isn’t a problem in Paris.

During my last trip the raindrops were very attached to me. Personally, I’m more a fan of sunshine so that was a little awkward. Still, I didn’t complain because I love the following quote ”it’s Paris, you don’t come here for the weather”. True that.

I have to admit that the rain makes it difficult for a photographer to take pictures. The lens gets wet and taking pictures while holding an umbrella isn’t an ideal combination. My boyfriend had to hold my umbrella for a zillion times…sorry Dylan! 

To convince you that a little rain in Paris isn’t a bad thing, are here my 3 favorite reasons why you have to keep smiling.

1. Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.
Does this reason need an explanation? They look fabulous! The people on the picture below came from Malta. I wanted to take a picture of them, but they asked me first. The colors they wear are the colors of the flag of Malta. Such a kind couple, bit of a shame that they are standing in the wrong direction ;)

 Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.

Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.

2. Time for foodies and goodies!
When the sun shines, I’m busy taking pictures, walking around and quickly get something to eat. When it rains, I visit more shops, eat in cafes or bakeries and there is finally time for underground and covered sights. Always make a backup plan if the weather is a bit disappointing.

Time for foodies and goodies

Time for foodies and goodies

3. Royal transport.
Finally a valid reason to drive around like a queen. Normally, I would never step into a car with a stranger like that, but rain can change your thoughts. You don’t want to sit all day in an underground subway and the buses are mostly overcrowded when it rains. Walking with an umbrella is fine but if you want to hurry up… jump into a Tuk Tuk! Everything has a price to pay… from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc d’Triomphe cost you around the 20 euros! Quite expensive, nice to have once done in Paris.

Yes, this is allowed now!

Yes, this is allowed now!


Enjoy your rainy days in Paris!


Tips for booking a Parisian hotel!

5 Tips for booking a hotel in ParisBooking a hotel in Paris is a lot different than booking a hotel anywhere else. That maybe sounds a bit weird because ‘booking a hotel isn’t that hard’. True story, but Paris is different and I bet that the things you are used to, aren’t always obvious here. I’ve got 5 things for you to keep in mind when you’re searching for a hotel in Paris. 

1. Breakfast – In French also known as ‘petit déjeuner’. If you booked a budget hotel with breakfast, don’t expect too much.. A traditional breakfast in French isn’t a table full of baked eggs, bacon or many different spreads. What you can expect is a croissant, including a baguette with jam and a cup of coffee. If you booked a continental breakfast, than you can expect much more like, different breads, cheese, ham, yogurt, juices, cake, sometimes pancakes and if you’re lucky some eggs!

2. WiFi connection –  Many hotels in Paris don’t offer a free WiFi connection. If you’ve found a hotel with WiFi connection, you have to find out if it’s also available in your hotel room. Some hotels only offering a WiFi connection on one computer. The computer in the lobby and if you’re unlucky.. you can only use that computer after breakfast. For me is WiFi an important thing because, I have to keep my blog up-to-date, check my emails etc. If you don’t care that much about a WiFi connection, than you have no problem in Paris ;)

3. Shared bathroom – It’s very normal in Parisian hotels to share your bathroom (which I’m differently not a fan of). Be prepared and pay attention during the booking of your hotel. Some hotel rooms are low in price but, this may be so because you have a shared bathroom.

4. Hostels and budget hotels – As I told you earlier I’m a fan of budget hotels, just because of the simple reason ‘I only need a bed’. Unfortunately, budget hotels also attract groups. These are often groups of schools. Believe me they are having fun until midnight. This also applies to hostels.

5. Location – The price affects the booking of your hotel. And the location determined the price. For example: Montmartre is much more cheaper than the fist district of Paris, Louvre. Take a good decision, what is important for you and where do you feel safe? If you go with only women, it might be wiser to choose a central location. At night, the hotels are better guarded and the streets are a bit saver (never a guarantee). If your staying just outside the Périphérique of Paris, make sure you go back to your hotel on time. I can’t recommend it to walk there around at midnight.. especially if your not familiar with the area.

If you have any questions about booking a hotel in Paris or need some advice, feel free to ask me anything! I’m here to help you as good as possible! Here’s a link to my contact page or leave a comment below.


Help, they stole my inspiration!

We all have those days when we have zero inspiration and we rather go to bed than we blog about something. Going to sleep and hope ‘tomorrow is a better day’. Which can be a good idea because enough sleep is good for new inspiration. But, we all prefer writing a fun post for our dear followers.

It’s important as a blogger to stand out from other bloggers. You have to keep your blog up-to-date so they won’t forget you. And personally, the smile on my face, when I read all those kind reactions, is much more important than going to bed on time ;)

So when you’re stuck into a ‘black moment’, here are 3 tips to help you to get back on track in Blogland!

1. Don’t know shame.
Shame, what’s that? That word isn’t in the dictionary of the internet. You can blog about anything. Let’s try it out. What’s on your mind right now? Squirrels dancing around some nuts? Well, that’s pretty interesting, blog about it! I’m sure people would love to read it. But seriously, blogging must come from your heart. My blog is about Paris because everything I write comes from my heart. I find it challenging and learn everyday some new things.

2. ‘’Cheat’’ on your subject.
There’s nothing wrong with writing about other things than your main subject. Many people think ‘’I can’t blog about that because it has nothing to do with my subject ’. You can blog about other things, but not too much. Otherwise you’ll lose your true followers, who are following your blog because of  a specific subject. It’s better to combine it.

Here’s a example of my blog: I thought about ‘waiting men’. I combined that thought with my main subject Paris. Added a nice picture and voila!

3.Read, read and read!
You can learn so much from the internet. You don’t even have to go to a library. Use the search bar on Google and go on adventure. I always go to Google news and then I search for Paris. Sit back, and Google does the rest for me! I only have to read and read until I find something interesting. And when I found something I’m really excited about.. I blog about it!! 

Still no inspiration? Post a quote, fun fact or a photo. And if you really can’t think about something to post, than it’s better to get some sleep. No big deal! 


Keep calm and take your dog to Paris!

Lucca is ready to go!Do you want to bring your dog to Paris? That’s awesome! I also have a dog, his name is Lucca (picture) and he loves adventures. Well, he doesn’t really have a choice but he’s always ready to go!

As a Paris and animal lover, I would love to tell you that it’s the perfect combination, but its not. Dogs are at many places not allowed. Unfortunately, we can’t change the law. But instead of talking about the things we can’t do, I’m going to focus on the things we CAN do. With a little preparation, you and your four-footed friend will have an amazing time in Paris!

So, especially for you and your dog: 5 well-known issues with 5 solutions!

1: Big dogs aren’t allowed at the metro/bus, what are the alternatives? 
If your dog likes to run, it’s a fun idea to rent a bike. Avoid the big main roads for the safety of your dog and yourself. If you find cycling too risky, you can walk or try to find a cabdriver who has a big heart for dogs… ‘Taxi Canine’ is known as a dog-friendly company.

2. Great, in most hotels dogs aren’t allowed, what now?
That’s not entirely true, there are plenty of hotels that will except your dog. I’ve stayed a few times at an Ibis hotel and they were very nice to my little friend Lucca!

3. Oh no, my dog has ​​to poop, other options than the street?
Nope, on the street is fine. If you clean the mess up, then ‘nobody’ has a problem with it :)

4. In which park is my dog allowed?
Of course you can walk your dog in the streets of Paris, but he also need some space to run. So here are some parks where you can spend some time together!

Tuilleries Gardens, Luxembourg Gardens, Park Bercy, Park Montsouris and Parc des Buttes Chaumont. But the most popular park is Bois de Vincennes!

For more information about these parks you can visit this website. 

5. Help I’m hungry and my dog ​​isn’t allowed in the restaurant!
There are so many restaurants in Paris, that I don’t know where dogs are allowed and where not. I just want to give you a tip of a great pizza restaurant ‘Pink Flamingo’, along the Canal- St.Martin.

When you order a pizza you’ll get a pink balloon with an order number. You go with your balloon to a spot you like along the canal. You only have to wait for the pizza delivery guy. He will recognize you by your pink balloon and there you go! Looking for a place to eat with your dog has never been so easy. 

Do you have more tips for our dog lovers in Paris? Please share them with us, I love to hear your stories and experiences with dogs in Paris ♥