In honor of Halloween, Au Clown de la Republique.

4-Parijs April 20146Halloween, the only party in the year where I don’t have to do my best to find a costume. Luckily for the world, not everyone has that advantage and that’s the reason why amazing stores like ‘Au Clown de la Republique’ still exist!

If you’re hanging around in Paris and you want to score a cool (Halloween) costume, go to ‘Au Clown de la Republique’. It’s located in the area of Republique and fans of the movie Amelié will instantly recognize it. It’s one of the many film locations in Paris (looking for more Amélie locations, click here). 

It’s a great store and if you’re planning not to spent any money there, you’ll have a hard time. They have so much original stuff, you always will find something you (don’t) need. I can still hear myself think ”I really need those Pom-Poms in case my cat want to be a cheerleader”. Crazy enough that didn’t happen yet, but I make grateful use of them when no one is looking. Someone should use them, right?  

Alright people, adventure time:
160 Avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris

Have a happy Halloween weekend, sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


HEMA takes over!

HEMAFor a moment I thought I was back in the Netherlands. NOT a good sign. My boyfriend noticed this woman cycling by with a big bag of the HEMA. Unfortunately, I was to slow to take a picture of her in action so, I had tho follow her until she stopped. I was prepared for a long run but it was only 5 meters… I’m not always in the mood to shamelessly take pictures of the people I have in my sights. This is the best I could make of it ;)

HEMA is a dutch company and has become especially popular because of the low prices (yes, typical dutch). When the first store opened in 1926, products were sold for 10, 25 and 50 cents. Something unthinkable at this time! The first HEMA store was opened in France in 2009. In 2012, the first station shop of France was opened at Garde-du-Nord, Paris.

Besides the advantage that I can buy ‘stroopwafels’ in Paris, I’m sad that all these big companies take over the city. Paris is wonderful because of all the little boutiques and small shops. Why don’t we keep it that way? I don’t believe that the Parisians like to support these big companies like the HEMA.  Keep doing what you’re doing and protect the local shops. Otherwise, the world will become very boring…


Express yourself with designer must haves in Paris!

Pour la vieWe all have those silly things that we don’t need… but absolutely must have! I’m not talking about big televisions, expensive camera’s or the newest coffee machines. No, I’m talking about the small details. The little things that attract all the attention. Everyone wonders why you bought it but they also admit that it looks extremely good in your living room. Come on, it’s great to bring unique pieces back to your studio to impress your friends an family by expressing yourself. You can almost read their minds. Where did she bought it? Why have I never thought of a green rabbit on a white table? Arghhh this is killing me! 

Good news! That won’t happen to you guys, because here is your own crazy gadget store in Paris. The store is called ‘Pour la Vie’, which means in English – ‘for life’.  And that’s exactly the point of buying a designer item. You usually have to pay a little more but you can enjoy it the rest of your life. Stephane Puglia opened the doors of Pour la Vie in 1922 and is still the proud owner of this lovely place. That’s what I call a life’s work ;) 

Here’s the address of Pour la Vie:
7 rue de l’Alboni.
75016 Paris
FYI: Take the metro and get off at subway station Passy. Walk up the stairs (or take the lazy escalator) and you will find Pour la Vie on your left hand. The neighborhood is stunning! It’s near Trocadero and thereby located in a wealthier part of Paris. When the sun shines on the buildings, it will take your breath away.

Bon weekend ♥ 


38 Saint Louis, Paris

38 saint louisCheese, cheese, cheese. In Paris it’s all about cheese and we love it! 

I’m not taking about ordinary cheese – like the one you put on your sandwich. No, I’m talking about perfect cheese and everything around it. At 38 Saint Louis they have an enormous variety of flavors you didn’t knew they existed. They also sell a lot of seasonal cheeses. It may be that they don’t always have the cheese you’re looking for but don’t worry, they won’t let you down! There are always enough (yummy) choices ;)

38 saint louis 1

It’s not just the cheese that I like about this shop. It’s also their little grocery part. They sell great olive oil and products like marmalade, stuffed tomatoes, pastes and fruit juices. Mmmm, all amazing products to buy for a picnic or a cheese plate. They have a lot more, but if I tell you everything there won’t be anything left for you to explore. I won’t ruin that feeling so…go go go!

Here’s the address, enjoy your cheese menu!
Fromager 38 Saint-Louis
38, rue Saint Louis en l’Ile
75004 Paris, France

Last but not unimportant: unfortunately, they sell here Foie Gras. A French specialty which causes a lot of animal suffering. Despite the fact I like this little cheese store, I don’t want to contribute to the promotion of this terrible delicacy. Many tourists don’t know what suffering is behind those few bites that you take. So I ask you, please stick with the cheese and other delicious products and choose for products that are better for the nature and the health of our little geese friends ♥ 

Foie grass


L’Univers de Léo – souvenirs in Paris.

Notre Dame Postcard

Let’s talk about an ordinary souvenir shop called L’univers de Léo. Why? Because discovering a city like Paris, as a tourist, isn’t always a bad idea. Also the popular souvenir shops have cool items you want to take home. Even if it is just a small postcard ;) I have to be honest, it still remains a souvenir shop. The final concept of the store is not as original as it should have been but… you have to love this store. It’s full of happy colors, must-have gadgets and a lot of presents.

I’ll give you a little impression.
For more info http://luniversdeleo.com/
L univers de leoPostcard 1L univers de leo cow


Next stop, Dépot Vente du 9ème – Paris

© www.worldofparis.comAs you may have noticed I like antique stuff. I don’t want my room full of it but I’m waiting for that one special piece. I would love to have an antique Paris Metro sign, a toaster or stove. Preferably in red or mint green. Unfortunately, antique is quite expensive and that’s why I’ll wait to purchase. Fortunately, we can always snoop around, watch and blog about it. Say hello to the chairs on the sidewalk!

You can’t avoid this store, it looks way too attractive. The building, the plants on the balcony and the green color of it. Perfect picture. If you love antiques, vintage stuff or unique objects, you should take a look. The store is led by two friendly ‘brocanteurs’, roughly translated to ‘dealer in second-hand goods’. I know, it’s not a dignified name for antiques, but I like to keep it simple.

The store is chock full with antiques, which makes it a bit difficult to view everything well. For me, that’s exactly the atmosphere that comes with these types of stores. Just going your own way, searching for something special. The prices were reasonable but I haven’t found my toaster yet, haha!

Here’s the address. 
40 rue Maubeuge, Paris
Nearest metro: Cadet or Le Peletier.

By the way: if you want to bring your dog with you to Paris, a few stores further is a pet store! You can score some snacks for your little (or big) friend!


The gallery for a new generation, The YellowKorner.

yellowkornerQuality photography for a reasonable price.. say hello to The YellowKorner! 

Normally, you pay high prices for photographs of famous photographers like Bert Stern (if you’re not familiar with his work, he took photographs of many celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna and Kylie Minogue). At Yellowkorner you pay at least half less! That’s because The YellowKorner has developed a great concept. Instead of offering 10 prints at 5.000,- they publish around 500 prints at 100,-. The photo collection is specially selected for The YellowKorner, which means your purchase is quite unique. All the photographers who participate, have agreed to increase the number of prints from a selection of their works. The prices can vary by the size of the photo.

I visited their store in Le Marais (Paris) and the collection was really impressing. Amazing photo’s with varying themes such as travel, celebrity’s, fashion, landscape and so much more! It’s a friendly company where you can snoop around without pushy salespeople. So, take your time no hurry. You can feel the passion/love for photography they have. They want everyone to enjoy them. I wanted to take a big photo home with me, but the walls in my little room are already full with Paris stuff. Hmm, time to move to a bigger room haha!

To respect the copyright of the photo’s, I only took some pictures standing outside the store. If you want to see the whole collection, check out their website – http://www.yellowkorner.com/ They also have the ability to shop online ;) You can also find a list of participating photographers and store locations. Maybe there is also a YellowKorner in your neighborhood?!


Mind blown – shoes or chocolate in Paris?

SAMSUNGAre those shoes or is it chocolate? Shoes or chocolate? Shoes or chocolate? Shoes or.. WHÁÁÁ,  STOP PLAYING WITH MY HEAD! (For me, it works both ways. If it are shoes.. no problem. If it’s chocolate.. come to mommy!)

How awesome is this? They look so real to me and especially those men shoes. I think if I bought a pair for my boyfriend, he wouldn’t even notice it! And this isn’t the whole collection ;) The name of the chocolate-shop is Joséphine Vannier and they have so much more creative chocolate ‘artworks’.  You can even choose between a hiking shoe and a pretty shoe.. doesn’t that remind you of  an older post of mine? So, If you are in the area of Place des Vosges in Le Marais, you should step by. And if you’re not in this area you have a reason to visit it. Because chocolate and shoes are always a good reason.. 

As usual I discuss the prices with you, because we still like to visit Paris again with some money in the bank. Most chocolate stores in Paris are way overpriced. That’s just part of the game, we have to accept that. This time the prices surprised me. Maybe it’s because we get used to the high prices in Paris. To be sure, I made a quick calculation. Normally you pay a minimum of € 50 euros for a pair of shoes. Because you only get one shoe here (and you can eat it) I think € 25 euro is a reasonable price. Right?

Here is the address of the chocolate shop and the website. You can see the collection online.
4 Rue du Pas de la Mule
75003 Paris, France (duh)
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Mmmm, la Parisienne. – One of my favorite bakeries/pastry shops in Paris! 


Antique Paris.

Vintage storeHere we go again, another lovely shop in Paris. This time, full with restored furniture and other antique stuff!

Hier Pour Demain is located in the Marais and they are specialized in furniture and decoration items from the 30’s and 60’s. They also have a small assortment of jewelry (my favorite part). If you take a look at the photo below you can see some items from the store. For example: look at those letters saying ‘cuisine’, I need those for my own kitchen, so adorable ♥

I’ve told you before that unique/antique items in Paris (basically anywhere in the world) are very expensive. If you know the right places it may be better than expected. This time, I have a picture of the price lists in the display case. As you can see.. €150 for a lamp is quite expensive. On the other hand, you have something special, something antique and it’s already restored for you.

Is it still a bit too expensive? Watching costs no money and it’s (almost) just as fun!Vinatge store


A chocolate bar a day, keeps an angry woman away.

Parijs december deel 2Just a subtle hint for all the men on my blog ;) 

If you’re near the metro station Peletier, you should definitely visit this vintage candy store. I’m not a huge fan of the name ‘vintage’ because it’s just a fancy name for old, but in this case, the company is worth a fancy title.

The family business ‘Ala Mere de Famille‘ has been around in Paris for over 250 years! That’s an amazing achievement, especially in a big city like Paris. What started off small ended up being a big company with 9 locations in Paris. It’s the oldest candy (chocolate) store in Paris and it has more than 1.200 different products from almost every French era.

Ala Mere de Famille is also known as a candy store with affordable prices. For example, A la Mère’s award-winning marrons glacés, are the most affordable in Paris. Although I love to come here, I find the prices myself quite high, in particular all the chocolate. Which is not very surprising because, the pride of the store are the chocolate recipes of Julien Merceron. He became Champion Young Chocolatier in 2009 and he is the reason many tourists and Parisians visit the stores. Julien Merceron wrote a cookbook named ‘A la Mere de Famille- Artisanal recipes’. The book is full with fun and easy recipes. You can buy almost all the ingredients of the book in the supermarket and the techniques are very user friendly. I think the best part of his book, are the large images and illustrations. It makes me want to jump immediately out of my pajamas and start baking! 

If you want to bring back some French chocolate, you should buy it here. They don’t only sell small/medium or large gift boxes but also many cute baskets and other creations. Good luck with choosing!