Artwork of Escher or Grand Palais in Paris?

Grand PalaisI hesitated for a moment, but it’s really the Grand Palais in Paris. The people who are familiar with the work of Escher, will maybe understand my comparison.

I visit Paris regularly, but I always skip this building. Not intentionally, but subconsciously.That´s why I decided to take the first step during my last trip to Paris. I have immersed myself in the history of the building and the outside. I wasn’t disappointed at all. There are more than 40 events each year. Next time I’m going to visit an exhibition!

Because of the name ´´Grand Palais´´ I thought it was a former palace, but that´s not true. Grand Palais is a large exhibition hall (with an immense roof of glass) that was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris. It was build at the same time as the Petit Palais and Pont Alexandre III. The Grand Palais has been closed for 12 years because a part of the glass ceiling had collapsed. With the technology of today, we don’t have to be afraid that it will happen again!

A little fun fact is that the Grand Palais has more steel than the whole Eiffel Tower! Through this link you can learn more interesting things about the Grand Palais. Enjoy it!