Rue Quincampoix, Paris

Les Halles

Rue Quincampoix is near Les Halles in the 4th district of Paris named Hôtel-de-Ville. This area is full of restaurants, sights and many (souvenir) stores. The most fun part about the area are the byways. There you will find the smaller restaurants with ‘fair trade’ prices and And there you will find the Parisians after work.

For example – ‘Le Komptoir’ (see picture above). It’s a cozy restaurant with an underground cave below the restaurant, which is common in Paris. It’s also more than normal, to almost sit on each others lap during dinner in a restaurant. Normally, I like to have some space around me but in Paris, it doesn’t bother me anymore. If you stay away from my food, we’re cool! That’s the reason I call most restaurants ‘cozy’ instead of small and with limited privacy :) 

The picture above is one of my favorite photo’s I took in Paris. Well, I have too many favorite photos but on this photo you can see the peacefulness of the side streets (yes, even that can still be found in Paris), the lovely decorations of the local restaurants and a Parisian on his way to his favorite cafe. The light, the atmosphere, the environment .. I just love Paris ♥

Let the weekend begin, make it something beautiful! 


À table!

A fun tip for on the way, is to look at the tables of the restaurants in Paris. You’ll find there the most enjoyable and creative artworks. These ladies were one of my favorites! Aan tafel


YES YES YES, first Cat Cafe in Paris!

BobbyWhen I searched on Google for ‘Cat cafe’, Google said ‘did you mean ‘chat-cafe?’ No Google I’m not dumb, I’m really searching for a Cat Cafe!

And I found some good news which I’m really excited about…*drums*… The first French Cat Cafe opens its doors Saturday in Paris! The cafe is located in the popular district Le Marais. I can’t wait to go there, I MUST GO THERE! The cafe is called ‘Cafe des Chats’ and their are nine cats ready to be petted!

Petting a cat while your drinking coffee with friends or new people, how cool is that? It’s especially fun for people who don’t have their own pets. The Cat Cafes have been popular for a long time in Tokyo and then it came to Europe. Big city’s like London, Vienna and Budapest have a Cat Cafe and Paris couldn’t stay behind. The goal of the Cat Cafe is to go outside, get away from your computer (stop blogging for a moment ;) meet new people, talk about cats and most of all.. enjoy the love of a cat ♥ 

I think it’s a great concept for people who like to be around cats and don’t mind if it’s a bit unhygienic. I also think it’s a really smart idea for finding a loving home for street- or cats from the shelter. I would love to have my own Cat Cafe! 

I’m a huge fan of cats and Paris. So, this is a prefect combination for me. What about you? Are you gonna visit this Cat Cafe when you’re in Paris? 


Keep calm and take your dog to Paris!

Lucca is ready to go!Do you want to bring your dog to Paris? That’s awesome! I also have a dog, his name is Lucca (picture) and he loves adventures. Well, he doesn’t really have a choice but he’s always ready to go!

As a Paris and animal lover, I would love to tell you that it’s the perfect combination, but its not. Dogs are at many places not allowed. Unfortunately, we can’t change the law. But instead of talking about the things we can’t do, I’m going to focus on the things we CAN do. With a little preparation, you and your four-footed friend will have an amazing time in Paris!

So, especially for you and your dog: 5 well-known issues with 5 solutions!

1: Big dogs aren’t allowed at the metro/bus, what are the alternatives? 
If your dog likes to run, it’s a fun idea to rent a bike. Avoid the big main roads for the safety of your dog and yourself. If you find cycling too risky, you can walk or try to find a cabdriver who has a big heart for dogs… ‘Taxi Canine’ is known as a dog-friendly company.

2. Great, in most hotels dogs aren’t allowed, what now?
That’s not entirely true, there are plenty of hotels that will except your dog. I’ve stayed a few times at an Ibis hotel and they were very nice to my little friend Lucca!

3. Oh no, my dog has ​​to poop, other options than the street?
Nope, on the street is fine. If you clean the mess up, then ‘nobody’ has a problem with it :)

4. In which park is my dog allowed?
Of course you can walk your dog in the streets of Paris, but he also need some space to run. So here are some parks where you can spend some time together!

Tuilleries Gardens, Luxembourg Gardens, Park Bercy, Park Montsouris and Parc des Buttes Chaumont. But the most popular park is Bois de Vincennes!

For more information about these parks you can visit this website. 

5. Help I’m hungry and my dog ​​isn’t allowed in the restaurant!
There are so many restaurants in Paris, that I don’t know where dogs are allowed and where not. I just want to give you a tip of a great pizza restaurant ‘Pink Flamingo’, along the Canal- St.Martin.

When you order a pizza you’ll get a pink balloon with an order number. You go with your balloon to a spot you like along the canal. You only have to wait for the pizza delivery guy. He will recognize you by your pink balloon and there you go! Looking for a place to eat with your dog has never been so easy. 

Do you have more tips for our dog lovers in Paris? Please share them with us, I love to hear your stories and experiences with dogs in Paris ♥