Next stop, Dépot Vente du 9ème – Paris

© www.worldofparis.comAs you may have noticed I like antique stuff. I don’t want my room full of it but I’m waiting for that one special piece. I would love to have an antique Paris Metro sign, a toaster or stove. Preferably in red or mint green. Unfortunately, antique is quite expensive and that’s why I’ll wait to purchase. Fortunately, we can always snoop around, watch and blog about it. Say hello to the chairs on the sidewalk!

You can’t avoid this store, it looks way too attractive. The building, the plants on the balcony and the green color of it. Perfect picture. If you love antiques, vintage stuff or unique objects, you should take a look. The store is led by two friendly ‘brocanteurs’, roughly translated to ‘dealer in second-hand goods’. I know, it’s not a dignified name for antiques, but I like to keep it simple.

The store is chock full with antiques, which makes it a bit difficult to view everything well. For me, that’s exactly the atmosphere that comes with these types of stores. Just going your own way, searching for something special. The prices were reasonable but I haven’t found my toaster yet, haha!

Here’s the address. 
40 rue Maubeuge, Paris
Nearest metro: Cadet or Le Peletier.

By the way: if you want to bring your dog with you to Paris, a few stores further is a pet store! You can score some snacks for your little (or big) friend!


The gallery for a new generation, The YellowKorner.

yellowkornerQuality photography for a reasonable price.. say hello to The YellowKorner! 

Normally, you pay high prices for photographs of famous photographers like Bert Stern (if you’re not familiar with his work, he took photographs of many celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna and Kylie Minogue). At Yellowkorner you pay at least half less! That’s because The YellowKorner has developed a great concept. Instead of offering 10 prints at 5.000,- they publish around 500 prints at 100,-. The photo collection is specially selected for The YellowKorner, which means your purchase is quite unique. All the photographers who participate, have agreed to increase the number of prints from a selection of their works. The prices can vary by the size of the photo.

I visited their store in Le Marais (Paris) and the collection was really impressing. Amazing photo’s with varying themes such as travel, celebrity’s, fashion, landscape and so much more! It’s a friendly company where you can snoop around without pushy salespeople. So, take your time no hurry. You can feel the passion/love for photography they have. They want everyone to enjoy them. I wanted to take a big photo home with me, but the walls in my little room are already full with Paris stuff. Hmm, time to move to a bigger room haha!

To respect the copyright of the photo’s, I only took some pictures standing outside the store. If you want to see the whole collection, check out their website – http://www.yellowkorner.com/ They also have the ability to shop online ;) You can also find a list of participating photographers and store locations. Maybe there is also a YellowKorner in your neighborhood?!