Are you sometimes a bit jealous?

She has every day an amazing view.  Well, I am. Sorry, I know… bad habit.

It’s well known that I would love to spend more time at Paris, but unfortunately, moving to Paris can’t be arranged in a few minutes so, I have to improvise. One year I’m there less often than another year. Just because of the simple reason ‘work and study has to be done’.  I bet that also sounds familiar to you? But, I can’t complain, I have a lot of fun with my blog, my Paris book collection, my own experiences and stories from others, photos and many beautiful souvenirs, but sometimes … I feel a bit jealous. A bit jealous because of the thought, that at this moment people are walking on the Champs Élysées or looking at the stars from the top of Butte-Montmartre. *Sigh* I don’t begrudge anyone the love of Paris, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could give myself a bit more time at Paris. I know I have to be patient and that I’m looking at the same stars as them. That’s why I learned myself a lesson. When I’m feeling a bit jealous again… I know I have to be grateful and only have to ask myself the question ‘’when?’’

What about you guys? Where in this world would you rather spend a little more time?