10 facts about Paris!

ParisI love it to discover new things, especially about Paris. So, after the 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower, it’s time for some new fun facts about Paris! Did you know the following things about Paris?

1. Gare du Nord is the busiest train station of Europe!
2. It’s not allowed to drink alcohol at Champs du Mars? Unfortunately, no romantic picnics with a glass of ”vin rouge” for you guys :(
3. Paris has about 400 parks and more than 500.000 trees! When you look at the map of Paris, you see it immediately!
4. Of course you want to have a petit déjeuner with a ”traditional” croissant. But they aren’t so traditional as you think they are! The tourists love it but, the croissant comes officially out Austria!
5. Have you even seen a Parisian with his own lunchbox? Yes? Well, then you have seen a rare moment in the Parisian history. During their lunch break, they usually eat outside the door. No funny lunchboxes with Winnie the Pooh for them.
6. Maybe you do know that the hill where the Sacré Coeur stands is named ”Butte-Montmartre”. But do you also know that it means ”mountain of the martyr”. Butte-Montmartre owes his name to the martyrdom of Saint Denis, which I will blog about later. It’s a very interesting story!
7. The last hotel where Princess Diana has slept before the tragic accident is Hôtel Ritz. This hotel can be found at Place Vendôme. In 1997 Princess Diana visited the hotel with her boyfriend Dodi. The couple was taken away by a driver from the hotel and crashed near Pont de l’Alma. At Pont de l’Alma you will find a statue used for memory of Princess Diana.
8. With 200 movies each year, Paris is the most filmed city of France! Not very surprising, look at all the great places, subway stations, romantic streets and powerful buildings. There even seems to be a fake subway station, especially for movies! If I were a movie director, I know where to shoot my movie!
9. Paris receives every year, including myself, more than 44 million tourists!
10. Strangely enough, it’s not the Eiffel Tower which receives the most tourists (more than 6 million) each year. Also the Louvre doesn’t come close with his 5 million visitors. No, it’s Disneyland which gets the first place. With more than 13 million visitors each year, they beat everyone. Personally, I prefer to stand on top of the Eiffel Tower than stand in a row for a roller coaster…

There are many more fun facts about Paris which I’ll tell you later about! So, keep an eye on my blog and I´ll keep an eye on Paris!