Falafel in Paris.

falafelMy mother is a vegetarian so before we go on a trip together, we make sure we know where to buy food like falafel. Like any other big city, Paris has many shoarma restaurants or take away (a emporter) places, which often sell vegan- or falafel dishes.

Pitzman is our favorite place to buy Falafel. The staff is friendly and provides quickly a good meal. For falafel you pay €5.50 (take away) and for a whole dish only €9.50 (also take away). That’s for Parisian prices certainly not expensive. Pitzman is located in the Marais and I’m in love with the look of the restaurant. The chosen colors are so beautiful and match perfectly with the surrounding. From the outside it looks bigger than it actually is inside. Pitzman is one of the few places in Paris where the Jewish community comes together on Sunday to enjoy each others company. It’s such a photogenic restaurant, but remember that it’s a restaurant. Always be respectful for the people and take into account their privacy ;)

Tip for a sunny day: buy some take away falafel and take it with you to the oldest park in Paris, Place des Vosges.

Besides Pitzman there are many more falafel restaurants. To help you (and myself) a bit  I found this great list on the internet with the best falafel in Paris, enjoy it!

Tell me your favorite restaurant in Paris, I’m curious :)

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


Art Symbol Gallery, Le Marais – Paris

Le Marais art galleryLe Marais is known for its many art galleries, they are everywhere. For instance: in small passages, hidden courtyards or around Place des Vosges.

Personally, I’m a fan of modern art. Lively with many colors, it has to cheer me up! During my routine walk along the art studios, I fell in love with a book. Not ‘just’ a book but an artwork. You can see it behind the window display on the picture above. The artwork is called ‘Book of Life’, created by Kracov. 

I immediately thought of the inspiring quote – ‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly’. It always remind me to keep going and keep trying. Even if things aren’t going the way I want them to go ;) Ups and downs are part of our lives and if we do well.. we only remember the ups.

The book wasn’t the only piece of art I liked, they had many more objects hanging on the wall. Click here, to check out their website and the whole art collection. You can learn more about Kracov and his work but also about other artists. Enjoy yourself, discovering new treasures! 

Here’s the address: 
21 Place des Vosges
F-75003 Paris


The oldest park in Paris, Place des Vosges!

Place des VosgesIt’s the oldest park in Paris and very popular among the younger generation. Place des Vosges is located in the middle of Le Marais. It’s a fantastic place to meet each other and enjoy a hot summer day. Romantic with your lover around the fountain or in the middle of the grass with your friends. Although the park doesn’t look very big, there is place enough for everyone!

The square is surrounded by 39 identical-looking houses. There are two houses that are different from the rest. A fun challenge for you is to find the two different houses. If you have been there, let me know if you find them ;)

Place des Vosges wasn’t always a peaceful park. Paris has a great history and also here… something happened. It was in the year of 1559 and there was a big tournament organized. Henry II (King of France from 1547 till his dead) defeated all his opponents. His arrogance became too big and he challenged the captain of his guard. A big mistake. Henry II got hit in his eye by the lance of Montgomery (his opponent). Prisoners were caught immediately and beheaded, to experiment with their heads and eyes. Hoping to save the life of Henry II. But in vain, his life was beyond saving. Queen Catharina de Medici, decided to break off the palace where Henry II died, and build a square with the aim of a horse market. The square was named Royal and fighting… that was strictly forbidden!

Nowadays the square has the name”” Place des Vosges’’. The government has named it after the department that would pay his tax would to the revolutionary government.

Don’t you think it’s so Impressive that almost everything in Paris has a story behind it. I can’t wait to discover more details of Paris.

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥