Paper lamps in Paris.

Photophoros 1Rock, paper, scissors? This time, the victory goes to paper because these artworks will blow you away.

Paris is full of unique and handicraft shops. It feels like the great influence of the internet has absolutely no impact here. Which is good news otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this shop in the Marais named Photophoros. 

I love it when people make their passion their work. That’s my biggest inspiration in life. The owner of Photophoros is Guilhem Rouillon and he turns paper into great lamps. ”Whether you want an intense or soft lighting, neutral colors or colorful. Whatever shade you want, togheter we create a fixture that suits you”. Personally, I found the pieces in the window more than fun. I’ll definitely remember the address to cheer up my workroom. 

You may be a bit confused by the name of the store, what the heck does it mean?! I was just as curious as you and have looked it up. Unfortunately, the French dictionary didn’t recognize the word but through the English dictionary, I think I’ve found the answer ;) The word didn’t match exactly, but photophores are luminous small organs who appear as glowing spots on different marine organisms, such as fish and squids. Alright, that’s far-fetched but a very nice thought for a lamp store!

Here’s the address and website:
18, rue de Jouy
Metro: Saint-Paul