Pyramide du Louvre, Paris.



City of Lights, Paris

We have to admit that Paris is the one and only ‘City of Lights!’ Check out this stunning view of the Champs Élysées from the top of the Arc d’Triomphe. Arc dTriomphe at night


Palais-Royale, Paris

Palais Royale 22FYI: Palais-Royal is a former royal palace located in the 1st district of Paris, behind the Louvre and the Tuileries. Nowadays, the French Ministry of Culture, the French Council of State (Conseil d’Etat) and the Constitutional Council can be found in this beautiful building.

Especially at night, it’s a perfect place to shoot some photos! 


Christmas update!

I just realized that I haven’t post anything about Christmas yet, what a shame!

All year I look forward to the smell of the Christmas trees, the lighted houses, some extra family time and of course the Christmas markets. We decorated our garden last weekend and a beautiful Christmas tree is standing in the corner of our living room. I’m ready now, but Paris was weeks ago already ready for the big Christmas party. The shops are full with (hungry) people looking for Christmas gifts or for the perfect outfit to wear. I didn’t want to shop in the big stores, so I visited the 4 most popular Christmas markets in Paris! Of course I found lot’s of fun stuff but..I won’t show you all of them in one post. Let’s have a walk with me and I’ll give you a little impression of the ´Christmas atmosphere´ in Paris. Here are the addresses:

Montmartre – The Christmas market is on top of Butte-Montmartre. Go to the Sacré Coeur and you’ll find the market automatically.
Trocadero – The Christmas market isn’t on the big platform but downstairs in front of the Eiffel Tower. (you can go ice skating here!)
Champs Élysées – You’ll find many great stands at the end of the Champs Élysées to Place de la Concorde. Both sides! (you can also go ice skating here!)
La Defense – It’s a bit from the route but absolutely worth to see. You won’t regret buying a hot bowl of onion soup there ;)



The difference between Place Pigalle and Montmartre.

Montmartre and Place PigalleYou’ve got the Sacré Coeur and the you’ve got the Moulin Rouge. Both places are known locally as Montmartre. That’s because they are both located in the 18th district of Paris called Montmartre. Even though the places are near to each other,  there is a big difference between those two! They can’t be compared with each other.

On top of Butte-Montmartre you feel the friendly atmosphere and you will notice immediately that it used to be a small village, separate of the big city. Montmartre is a picturesque neighbourhood  where you can enjoy history, artistic works and delicious red wine.

When you passed the many steps at the Sacré Coeur, Montmartre will slowly change into an entertainment center. The artworks turn into beautiful women and the red wine is replaced by champagne. Welcome to Place Pigalle, also known as the Red Light District of Paris!

Highlights of Montmartre: Sacré Coeur, Place du Tertre, Le Mur des je t’aime and Moulin de la Galette.
Highlights of Place Pigalle: Moulin Rouge, cabaret shows, night clubs,souvenir shops, restaurants many cafes!