Statue spotting in Paris.

statueParis is full of statues. You got really big ones but also smaller. Did you know that there are even three ‘Statues of Liberty in Paris?’ Just like the one in New York City, but then a bit smaller ;)

I always have a soft spot for statues, I don’t know exactly why but they just interest me. Take the statues of Liberty as an example, why are they there? Why three? But I also have questions about the normal statues of people. Who is so special to get his/her own statue in the most magical city in the world? I just have to figure those things out, to discover if there’s an interesting story behind it. Usually it is, sometimes not.

I´ll give you a short summary of the statue. On the picture above you see Gaspard de Coligny. He was lord of Chatillon, admiral of France and a Protestant leader. He studied literature, but dropped it when he went into the army. After his army lost a battle, he was put in prison. On payment of a ransom of 50.000 crowns he recovered his liberty. He went back to France and became, through the influence of his brother, a Protestant leader. To make a long story short…The bond between Catholics and Protestants were not so close at that time and he had to pay that with his life during the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre. I found a really interesting article about this biography, click here if you want to read more about Gaspard de Coligny. Definitely worth it if you love a bit of French history!

For enthusiasts, you can find this beautiful statue at the Temple Protestant de l’Oratoire du Louvre. Get off at subway station ‘Louvre-Rivoli’ and walk towards Rue Saint Honoré, voila you can’t miss it!

Bonne nuit