Aux Merveilleux de Fred.

Aux Merveilleux bannerThe Marais is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris when it comes to food and art. I love to wander around between the charming streets and enjoying the smell of falafels. For the people who don’t know that much about the Marais, let me give you a few key words: art, food, history and shopping. Four things that go very well together. Today I’m going to write about a bakery which fits perfectly in the lifestyle of the Marais. Say hello to Aux Merveilleux de Fred! 

First let me tell you why I think this bakery has all the four key words I told you about:
1. Art – The pastries look like little art works.
2. Food – You’re stupid if you don’t eat them.
3. History – As many iconic bakeries in Paris, also Aux Merveilleux de Fred has an interesting history.
4. Shopping – If you buy these beauties, it counts as shopping!


The mastermind behind these delicious pastries is Frederic Vaucamps. A french man who opened his first bakery (1982) in Hazebrouck, a small town very close to the Belgium border. Frederic Vaucamps had to work very hard for his success because only 15 years later he achieved great success with the remake of the old recipe of the merveilleux pastry. He turned a forgotten pastry  into a refreshing new concept, meringue surrounded by chocolate whipped cream and chocolate chips. Mmmmm, if I only think about it, I feel the meringue melting on my tongue!


Today Aux Merveilleux de Fred has many stores all over the world. From our beloved city Paris to the big apple of New York City. The success of this bakery? You tell me! I think it has to do with their way of specialization. One store for one product (Actually two products, they also sell brioche loaf in different flavors). You know the quality has to be good when you put so much love into your pastries. What makes it even more special is that you can see how they create the pastries, they bake them in an open space.

All together, enough reasons to try one at Aux Merveilleux de Fred.
Check out their website for the store locations and more information about their company.


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Cafe Le Quasimodo, Paris

Union soupIf you’re in Paris you have to try the union soup at cafe Le Quasimodo near the Notre Dame, it was soooo good!

The staff is friendly but does have their own will. In Paris, the customer won’t be treated like a king. I like that way of working because respect should come from both sides. You get what you deserve. If you are nice to them, they will be kind to you. A tip from me to you is: always be kind to the waiters working at French restaurants. Try to speak your best French and show them that you appreciate their work. Otherwise you end up at a little table right in front of the door ;)

Here’s the address of cafe Le Quasimodo.
11 Rue d’Arcole
 75004 Paris 

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


Statue spotting in Paris.

statueParis is full of statues. You got really big ones but also smaller. Did you know that there are even three ‘Statues of Liberty in Paris?’ Just like the one in New York City, but then a bit smaller ;)

I always have a soft spot for statues, I don’t know exactly why but they just interest me. Take the statues of Liberty as an example, why are they there? Why three? But I also have questions about the normal statues of people. Who is so special to get his/her own statue in the most magical city in the world? I just have to figure those things out, to discover if there’s an interesting story behind it. Usually it is, sometimes not.

I´ll give you a short summary of the statue. On the picture above you see Gaspard de Coligny. He was lord of Chatillon, admiral of France and a Protestant leader. He studied literature, but dropped it when he went into the army. After his army lost a battle, he was put in prison. On payment of a ransom of 50.000 crowns he recovered his liberty. He went back to France and became, through the influence of his brother, a Protestant leader. To make a long story short…The bond between Catholics and Protestants were not so close at that time and he had to pay that with his life during the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre. I found a really interesting article about this biography, click here if you want to read more about Gaspard de Coligny. Definitely worth it if you love a bit of French history!

For enthusiasts, you can find this beautiful statue at the Temple Protestant de l’Oratoire du Louvre. Get off at subway station ‘Louvre-Rivoli’ and walk towards Rue Saint Honoré, voila you can’t miss it!

Bonne nuit



What are they called in your country?

XMAS 2The weekend is over and that means… almost time for Christmas! Before we gonna eat way too much food and we can’t see anymore of it. I would like to tell you more about one of my favorite snacks called the Bisou de Mousse”.

At the French Christmas markets, they love to tell you that the ”Bisou de Mousse” is a typical French specialty. Something I certainly won’t deny, but .. the predecessor of the ´Bisou de Mousse´ was created 200 years ago in Denmark, called a flødebolle. They became a huge success and soon they were sold in many northern European countries. Each country made up a different name for the flødebolle.

For example:
“Negerküss” (translation: Negro Kiss) in Germany
”Tête de nègre” (translation: Negro head) in France
”Negerzoenen” (translation: Negro Kisses) in The Netherlands
“Negerinnentet” (translation: Negro tits) in Belgium
”Negro kisses”  in England

In the 19th century the French patisseries created a new ‘Bisou de Mousse’ with a modern twist. This is the one we know today. An airy foaming mixture topped with chocolate. In the 20th century they were sold in bakeries outside France. It wasn’t a mass production, you can compare it with buying a macaroon at LaduréeAfter WWII  they were produced in greater numbers and in boxes for supermarkets. To make it a bit more complicated, this wasn’t in France but in Germany. After Germany the rest of Europe followed. Different variants of the ‘Bisou de Mousse’ can also be found in countries like America and Israel.

Because of the fame in all those counties, several names were perceived as racist or discriminatory. Which is understandable because ”Negro Tits” doesn’t sound very charming.. Between 2005 and 2006 it was announced that the countries had to change their names.

Today, we know our chocolate friends under the following names:
‘Negerküsse’ became ‘Schokoküsse’ (translation: choco kiss)  – Germany
‘Têtes de nègre’ became ‘Bisous de Mousse’ (translation: kiss of foam)– France
‘Negro kisses’ became ‘Angel Kisses’ – England
‘Negerinnentet’ became ‘de Zoenen van Buys’ (translation: the kisses of Buys) in Belgium
‘Negerzoen’ became ‘Zoenen’ (translation: kisses) – Nederland.

Quite an adventure for such a little pastry. Why don’t we call it a ”Bisou de Daniëlle”? I know, too selfish. But, don’t forget to try one at one of the Christmas markets in Paris!


Le Square du Vert-Galant, Paris.

square du vert GalantBetween the 12 arches of Pont Neuf, hides a small park in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Paris. Most of the tourists don’t care about this place but believe me, if you want to let all the impressions of Paris sink in.. this is the place to be.

My tip is to go sit on a bench at the end of the park, with your nose towards the narrowest part. You’ve an amazing and very romantic view of Paris (great for a proposal) On the left side you’ve got a view of the Latin Quarter and on the right side you can spot the Louvre. You won’t regret that you have listened to me, haha!

People come here to relax and read some books. So, I won’t recommend this park to large and loud speaking groups ;)

The name of the park owes to Henry IV. He was a beloved man among his subjects. He had many famous quotes and one of them was ”every Parisian should eat at least once a week, a chicken from the pan” Eating a delicious chicken once a week,  that sounded good to everyone! Henry IV also had a nickname, which was ”Vert Galant” also translated as ”old rake”. That’s because he didn’t only like the chicken. He also liked a bit of female flesh…if you know what I mean ;)

You should really take a few minutes of your time (or more) to visit this lovely park. Don’t be put off if you suddenly encounter a large group of tourists. They only come for the sightseeing boat and mostly won’t stick around, as you can see on the picture above.  


It’s magic, the soundtracks of Amélie.

If you’re looking for 2 hours of French music… voila. These songs are from the famous French movie, Amélie. Most of the songs are without any voices.

It’s a heartwarming movie with great humor and a lot of romance in a creative way. If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s the playlist of it. So you can get a bit into the mood for watching the movie ;)  I would highly recommend it, Amélie is one of my favorite movies of all time! 

Have you seen the movie? What was your favorite part?
I loved the part when she found that little toy box and searched for the former owner until she found him. So sweet, that she didn’t want anything for return, not even a ”thank you”. I also loved the scene when she wrote that love letter for Madeleine. Aaawwwh ♥ I have too many favorite parts, I can’t choose a number one! 


Parisians and speaking English…

merdeNever expect a Parisian to speak English. It’s considered as very rude because you’re in their country. Just start with a simple French sentence to ask if they speak English, ”Bonjour monsieur, parlez vous anglais?” If they don’t speak English, don’t get mad. Many French people are only listening to French music and almost every movie in France is without subtitles. That means that even the films with Brad Pitt, are spoken in French ;) They are less in touch with the English language than a country like the Netherlands.

You can also notice in the French history that they saw the English language as a threat for their own culture. They’ve banned (not officially of course) the English language for a long time, just to prevent that the English words replace the French words. Nowadays it’s a whole different story because, Parisian students also learn English at school and with the upcoming internet industry, also the Parisians are forced to speak a bit more English.. 

We all prefer to speak our mother language but, did you know that French is the most sexy language in the world? Hotel.com did some research and asked 8000 international respondents for their opinions. A French accent is also acceptable. Maybe we have to forget about the French people who have to learn English. We have to learn French, so we all sound sexy! Come on, who’s in? We all know that, everything sounds better in French!  


Paris number 1 destination for 2014!

Bewerkte foto's1Congratulations Paris! Our ‘city of lights’ is chosen by Lonely Planet as number one destination for 2014. That means, pack your bags, study French and read my blog in preparation :) The other 9 city’s on the list are:

2. Trinidad, Cuba 3. Cape Town, South Africa 4. Riga, Latvia 5. Zurich, Switzerland
6. Shanghai, China 7. Vancouver, Canada 8. Chicago, Illinois, USA 9. Adelaide, Australia and last but not least 10. Auckland, New Zealand

What is your favorite city for 2014? 

 Source: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-tips-and-articles/lonely-planets-best-in-travel-2014-top-10-cities