How to create a creative application letter?

1-DSC_0015Do you know those days when you want to be a bit against the grain? It’s not that I like London more than Paris today, but I just want to write something different . No bakeries, bookstores or facts about the Parisian subway, today I’ll give you a lesson in how to create a creative application letter :)

With all the choices these days, it’s hard to figure out what job you want or which direction you want to go to. Did you finally find your dream job, you have to make an application letter to get that precious job interview!

Yay, the application letter… That’s the point where most people are getting insecure. How to stand out between all the hundreds of other applicants? One word: creativity. Just think out of your comfort zone and create something different than a letter typed in Word (Ariel, font size 10) Self expression, motivation and personal touches… it’s all in your following application!

Where to start? Many companies do their application process online, what makes it even harder to create a creative application letter. It always works the same way: application letter in the mail and the curriculum vitae in the Annex. How boring?!

Have you every thought about making a whole website as an application letter? You can make a video on the homepage to show your motivation, write a blog post about the skills you have and show them with your online portfolio the experience you already have. Nothing is too crazy as you keep it in one style. Make sure you don’t make your stories too wordy and keep the website clean. Use websites as WordPress, Tumblr or Blogspot to get a free user friendly website! To make your application website even more interesting, show them why belong in their team. Let people leave a positive comment behind. Think of previous bosses or former teachers (only recommended if you’ve been a really good boy or girl!) 

If you’re not that good with websites (or computers ;), use your hands. Find some things that you find interesting and get started! Before I knew that I was going to college this year, I made ​​an application for the company My Little Paris. It was my biggest dream (and still is) to work there for a while. I’m not French, don’t live in Paris, and yet I wanted to work there and compete with those who stood 10 strokes before me. I’ve done my best to create something unique and it worked. I’ve got their attention and interest… ‘unfortunately’ I went to college and eventually the whole application ended in nothing. But it was worth it because I learned to think out-of-the-box and I now have a good example to help others ;)

Never forget to use your own imagination, you have more creativity than you think!

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


The Paris Syndrome.

Trash system in ParisYes, it exist. Do I have it? Absolutely not, I’m more the opposite ;)

What is the Paris Syndrome? It’s a serious psychological disorder and most common in the Japanese population. In some cases it’s so severe that people succumb to it.

We all make jokes about the Japanese people with their camera’s,  who really photograph everything. Nothing negative, they are just fascinating to watch. My French teacher told me a story when she had visited the Louvre. When she wanted to leave the building, she got stuck between a large group of Japanese people, in the middle of a normal staircase. She wondered what was so special.. NOTHING. They were photographing the ceiling what was nothing more than a white surface…

In many cases, they saved their whole life for a dream trip to Paris. They have a magical idea of it, without imperfections. Clean streets, romantic adventures and surrounded by friendly and polite people. Everything exactly like in the movies or in commercials spots of famous perfume brands. Paris is the paradise and if you’ve been there… you can die peacefully.  

I’m crazy about Paris, but I also accept the imperfections of it. I mean, there are plenty of things that could be better. It’s a big city in a modern time. The streets in Paris are also full of dirt and also here is the air unhealthy. Unfortunately but yes, there are rude waiters and certainly not everyone is always helpful, but in Paris it’s more than normal. When they realize that the reality of Paris doesn’t match their dreams, it’s hard to get over it. They just can’t handle the big culture shock. Several symptoms of the Paris Syndrome are: delusional states, hallucinations, actions because they feel like a victim (aggression etc.), anxiety, dizziness, sweating, crying, but especially the powerlessness feeling is difficult to deal with.

FYI: The Paris syndrome affects 10 to 20 people each year. The Japanese embassy has a 24-hour hotline that is accessible to absorb those with the Paris Syndrom. I would recommend my blog to the other people who aren’t able to call a hotline. Send me an e-mail and I’ll make sure you’re going to find the beauty of Paris!