Watch the world go by.

Watch the world go by copyDo you ever ask yourself the question, ”am I doing the right thing with my life?”. Well I do, and I can tell you that it’s a pretty hard question to answer.

Just when you think you’re in the right place, mother nature turns the earth and you’re lost again. I have the feeling that I’m stuck in a maze. I know where to go, but I can’t find the right direction. Art school is teaching me all new things, but please believe me when I say that I’m dying for some more sleep and a little less stress. They are killing me over there!

Most of you know that my dream is to study for a while in Paris and gladly my school can help with that, so I know where I’m fighting for. Still I feel very sad about the fact that I don’t have any time left to write about my biggest obsession in life…Paris. I miss you guys so much, I love writing for you and share everything I know and discover. You guys are amazing and have left so many great comments on this blog that kept me motivated every day ♥

Sometimes I dream about my future. Living together with my lovely boyfriend and staring out the window with a little cat next to me. I still want to work hard. I want to write, draw, talk, read, learn, teach, edit all day about Paris. Share my stories and feelings about this beautiful city till the day that I die.

The only thing I have to do is to be patient and remember that we all have to work hard to achieve our dreams and that’s not a bad thing, only a bit frustrating sometimes ;) So, am I doing to right thing with my life? I don’t know jet, but I hope that I can answer that question in a few years…

Again, apologies for the lack of posts, If I have found a little time I will think of you. Do you guys think to me then?

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥ 



Applause to the forgotten postcard illustrators!

Chat postcardThe little things in life make me feel so happy. I mean, look at this postcard. It’s just hanging on my closed but those little cats make my day! The goal of this post is that I only want to share this cool postcard with you, and the good news is.. there are many more! The cats on these postcards are so cute and the decors are very creative. I have 3 more postcards of them, hanging on my closed, next time I’m visiting Paris I buy the whole stock, no joke :) Gladly, that isn’t a problem because, you can buy them at almost any souvenir shop in Paris. Especially in the area of Montmartre and near the Notre-Dame!

I think that postcard-illustrators are being a bit forgotten in the world of creating and art, don’t you think? Because I bet that almost no one, looks at the back of a postcard to see who’s the illustrator. Which is of course a normal reaction, but if you want to discover some new artists, you should do it from now on :)

So this time, a big applause for Dominique Bazin the illustrator of these postcards and of course huge thanks for making my day ♥