5 reasons why Paris is cooler than London (2/5)

As I told you in the previous post, I’ve seen more toilets than sights. That wasn’t only the fault of my lovely friends but also of London itself.

It’s remarkable that London was strucked while World War 2 and Paris has been spared. In Paris you’ll find beautiful old buildings everywhere, which are in many guides not even mentioned. That’s why you don’t have to look for sights in Paris, you find them automatically. London is a different story. Old and new buildings stand together what gives the city a messy appearance. For example: On the right the famous Big Big and on the left a strange building, that gives me the creeps…


Sightseeing isn’t that fun in London so that’s why reason number two is ”Sightseeing”. 

I always prepare myself well before I go on vacation, but in London I soon found out that the city didn’t had that many special highlights. An old prison and the London Eye attracted me the most. Because I didn’t found any more points of interests in the brochures, besides the Kensington Gardens, the London Dungeon and Oxford Circus, I had my hopes on the London Eye. With such a view you should be able to see everything…but that was also a bit disappointing. The view of the Eiffel Tower is quite a bit more impressive than the view of the London Eye. I missed the color, the secret parks hidden between the busy shopping streets and the imposing buildings that show of the wealth and power of such a huge city. Altogether, London can learn a lot from Paris in terms of sightseeing (and public toilets)

LV vs PV

To give you one last example, to show you the differences between the sights in Paris and London, from my point of view. I think you can compare Buckingham Palace with Hôtel National des Invalides in Paris. Both very beautiful and big buildings. The only difference is that Buckingham Palace is the number one attraction of London and Hôtel National des Invalides isn’t even in the top 5 of highlights in Paris ;)


When I return to London, I will do my best to find more sights, but it think it will never come close to the amazing sights of Paris.

The lesson I’ve learned about this is that  ”Sightseeing is the art of disappointment” 

Sweet dreams or a really good morning ♥