Say no to Foie Gras!

Hi guys.NO-to-foiegrass-kerst-blog---gif (yeah, yeah…I’m still alive!)

A thousand time sorry for my lack of posts. I work hard on the new website to make sure that every article I’ve ever written can also be found again. The website will have a new concept to ensure the quality of the things I write. Most people are used to receive a message every day, but this time it will be more divided over the week. The release of the new website will be on the 1st of January 2015! 

Today I want to pay a bit of attention to animal suffering behind the French delicacy foie gras. Many people don’t know what a miserable life these animals have and how they are tortured. Also this year the shelves are full again and it’s an extra popular delicacy during Christmas season. Foie gras is a touchy subject because it’s (unfortunately) cultural heritage for the French. Please everyone, be aware of the product you buy, a Christmas spirit isn’t behind it.

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Christmas markets, Paris.


Wow, it feels like yesterday that I told you my Christmas ball story, but it’s really almost a year ago! Time flies so fast this year. Well, according to my friends, I say that every year but, this year is truly different ;) Even though I had to work a lot and started a new study, I tried to visit Paris as much as possible. When I had left Paris in December, I came back in April, followed by a trip in August and now I go again in December to enjoy a bit of the Christmas atmosphere. Unfortunately, I can’t stay for long, but I’m busy with planning a new trip for the beginning of 2015 (that sounds so far away!)

Right, I was talking about the Christmas atmosphere because today (14/11/14) starts the Christmas market at the Champs-Elysées! Which is good news because that means the rest will follow! At the Christmas market at the Champs-Elysées are a lot of fun things to do and to buy and the Ferris wheel (Grande Roue) at the end is really a picture perfect. If you want to save some money, don’t take it with you because it’s hard to keep it in your wallet.

As I just said, the rest of the Christmas markets will follow, here are some important places and dates:
(For more information you can go to the official site of the Christmas markets in Paris for opening hours etc.)

15/11 – Christmas market St-Germain-des-Prés.
20/11 – Christmas market La Défense.
06/12 – Christmas market Montmartre.
12/12 – Christmas market  Notre-Dame
13/12 – Christmas market Trocadéro/Eiffel Tower.

Besides this list of Christmas markets there are a lot of other places to find, hidden between the other Christmas craziness of Paris!

If you go to Paris these days, I wish you a lot of fun and hope you will share your Christmas experiences with me when you’re back :)
Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥

Here are some pictures of last year, to get into the Christmas mood.





What are they called in your country?

XMAS 2The weekend is over and that means… almost time for Christmas! Before we gonna eat way too much food and we can’t see anymore of it. I would like to tell you more about one of my favorite snacks called the Bisou de Mousse”.

At the French Christmas markets, they love to tell you that the ”Bisou de Mousse” is a typical French specialty. Something I certainly won’t deny, but .. the predecessor of the ´Bisou de Mousse´ was created 200 years ago in Denmark, called a flødebolle. They became a huge success and soon they were sold in many northern European countries. Each country made up a different name for the flødebolle.

For example:
“Negerküss” (translation: Negro Kiss) in Germany
”Tête de nègre” (translation: Negro head) in France
”Negerzoenen” (translation: Negro Kisses) in The Netherlands
“Negerinnentet” (translation: Negro tits) in Belgium
”Negro kisses”  in England

In the 19th century the French patisseries created a new ‘Bisou de Mousse’ with a modern twist. This is the one we know today. An airy foaming mixture topped with chocolate. In the 20th century they were sold in bakeries outside France. It wasn’t a mass production, you can compare it with buying a macaroon at LaduréeAfter WWII  they were produced in greater numbers and in boxes for supermarkets. To make it a bit more complicated, this wasn’t in France but in Germany. After Germany the rest of Europe followed. Different variants of the ‘Bisou de Mousse’ can also be found in countries like America and Israel.

Because of the fame in all those counties, several names were perceived as racist or discriminatory. Which is understandable because ”Negro Tits” doesn’t sound very charming.. Between 2005 and 2006 it was announced that the countries had to change their names.

Today, we know our chocolate friends under the following names:
‘Negerküsse’ became ‘Schokoküsse’ (translation: choco kiss)  – Germany
‘Têtes de nègre’ became ‘Bisous de Mousse’ (translation: kiss of foam)– France
‘Negro kisses’ became ‘Angel Kisses’ – England
‘Negerinnentet’ became ‘de Zoenen van Buys’ (translation: the kisses of Buys) in Belgium
‘Negerzoen’ became ‘Zoenen’ (translation: kisses) – Nederland.

Quite an adventure for such a little pastry. Why don’t we call it a ”Bisou de Daniëlle”? I know, too selfish. But, don’t forget to try one at one of the Christmas markets in Paris!


Is she gonna yell at me again?

XMAS 5NO PHOTO! She screamed at me, like I was taking a picture of Paris Hilton without underwear.

I looked at her, then looked back at the object I was taking a photo of and then I looked back at her again with a face like ”are you kidding me?!” She isn’t my mommy so people, get the handcuffs and put me in jail because this ‘bad girl’ is gonna post a photo I wasn’t allowed to take ;)

Come on, it’s a Christmas ball! It wasn’t even an original one because I saw it 2 times before. At the third time I decided to take a photo of it because I thought ”why not take a photo of it”.

The Christmas markets are a lot of fun but it isn’t stuff for the elite. Only a few stands were original. You can compare it a bit with the souvenir stores but only outside. I bet she had a busy night telling all those million of photographing tourists, not to photograph her (un)original Christmas balls!


Christmas update!

I just realized that I haven’t post anything about Christmas yet, what a shame!

All year I look forward to the smell of the Christmas trees, the lighted houses, some extra family time and of course the Christmas markets. We decorated our garden last weekend and a beautiful Christmas tree is standing in the corner of our living room. I’m ready now, but Paris was weeks ago already ready for the big Christmas party. The shops are full with (hungry) people looking for Christmas gifts or for the perfect outfit to wear. I didn’t want to shop in the big stores, so I visited the 4 most popular Christmas markets in Paris! Of course I found lot’s of fun stuff but..I won’t show you all of them in one post. Let’s have a walk with me and I’ll give you a little impression of the ´Christmas atmosphere´ in Paris. Here are the addresses:

Montmartre – The Christmas market is on top of Butte-Montmartre. Go to the Sacré Coeur and you’ll find the market automatically.
Trocadero – The Christmas market isn’t on the big platform but downstairs in front of the Eiffel Tower. (you can go ice skating here!)
Champs Élysées – You’ll find many great stands at the end of the Champs Élysées to Place de la Concorde. Both sides! (you can also go ice skating here!)
La Defense – It’s a bit from the route but absolutely worth to see. You won’t regret buying a hot bowl of onion soup there ;)