Paris Photo Fair, Grand Palais.

Explosion+w+Road©Shirley Wegner

I‘ve noticed that I have a lot of followers who are into photography and into Paris as well. So, good news for them because this weekend is the 18th edition of the Paris Photo Fair! The fair takes place on a beautiful location, namely the Grand Palais located in the 8th district of Paris. That’s nearby the Champs-Élysées so don’t forget to visit the Christmas market.

The fair is a great opportunity to discover new artists and meet new people who have the same interests as you do. You can walk there for hours because 169 galleries will expose their best works! I’m a bit sad that I couldn’t be there this weekend, because I would like to admire the work of one of my favorite artists: Shirley Wegner. She is mostly known for her large-scale photographs of landscapes that she creates by herself. For me are the big explosions the most impressing, but she has also amazing art pieces of paper. The rest of the artists of the Paris Photo Fair can be found by using this link.

This fair is only from the 13th till the 16th of November and a ticket costs €30,00. If you want to take a closer look at all the photographs, you have to visit Paris this weekend ;) Check out their website for more information or to buy your tickets online.

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥

Tell me the stories if you have been there or to share your favorite artists!


Christmas markets, Paris.


Wow, it feels like yesterday that I told you my Christmas ball story, but it’s really almost a year ago! Time flies so fast this year. Well, according to my friends, I say that every year but, this year is truly different ;) Even though I had to work a lot and started a new study, I tried to visit Paris as much as possible. When I had left Paris in December, I came back in April, followed by a trip in August and now I go again in December to enjoy a bit of the Christmas atmosphere. Unfortunately, I can’t stay for long, but I’m busy with planning a new trip for the beginning of 2015 (that sounds so far away!)

Right, I was talking about the Christmas atmosphere because today (14/11/14) starts the Christmas market at the Champs-Elysées! Which is good news because that means the rest will follow! At the Christmas market at the Champs-Elysées are a lot of fun things to do and to buy and the Ferris wheel (Grande Roue) at the end is really a picture perfect. If you want to save some money, don’t take it with you because it’s hard to keep it in your wallet.

As I just said, the rest of the Christmas markets will follow, here are some important places and dates:
(For more information you can go to the official site of the Christmas markets in Paris for opening hours etc.)

15/11 – Christmas market St-Germain-des-Prés.
20/11 – Christmas market La Défense.
06/12 – Christmas market Montmartre.
12/12 – Christmas market  Notre-Dame
13/12 – Christmas market Trocadéro/Eiffel Tower.

Besides this list of Christmas markets there are a lot of other places to find, hidden between the other Christmas craziness of Paris!

If you go to Paris these days, I wish you a lot of fun and hope you will share your Christmas experiences with me when you’re back :)
Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥

Here are some pictures of last year, to get into the Christmas mood.





City of Lights, Paris

We have to admit that Paris is the one and only ‘City of Lights!’ Check out this stunning view of the Champs Élysées from the top of the Arc d’Triomphe. Arc dTriomphe at night


Christmas update!

I just realized that I haven’t post anything about Christmas yet, what a shame!

All year I look forward to the smell of the Christmas trees, the lighted houses, some extra family time and of course the Christmas markets. We decorated our garden last weekend and a beautiful Christmas tree is standing in the corner of our living room. I’m ready now, but Paris was weeks ago already ready for the big Christmas party. The shops are full with (hungry) people looking for Christmas gifts or for the perfect outfit to wear. I didn’t want to shop in the big stores, so I visited the 4 most popular Christmas markets in Paris! Of course I found lot’s of fun stuff but..I won’t show you all of them in one post. Let’s have a walk with me and I’ll give you a little impression of the ´Christmas atmosphere´ in Paris. Here are the addresses:

Montmartre – The Christmas market is on top of Butte-Montmartre. Go to the Sacré Coeur and you’ll find the market automatically.
Trocadero – The Christmas market isn’t on the big platform but downstairs in front of the Eiffel Tower. (you can go ice skating here!)
Champs Élysées – You’ll find many great stands at the end of the Champs Élysées to Place de la Concorde. Both sides! (you can also go ice skating here!)
La Defense – It’s a bit from the route but absolutely worth to see. You won’t regret buying a hot bowl of onion soup there ;)



A new way of discovering Paris.

Montmartre is one of my favorite districts in Paris. There are so many unique stores, it’s hard to control myself from not spending all my money :’) Also this time I had no control of my right hand and before I knew it.. I bought the best book of my life! The reason that I share this book with you is because, it’s absolutely a must have for every Paris lover. I found it in a typical bookstore somewhere in Montmartre. Also the typical bookstores are focusing a bit more on tourists. I think that’s the reason I found this book on a table outside the store between some city guides..

It’s a pop-up book with pretty illustrations of Paris, double layers and fun facts about the districts and highlights. They mentioned the name of each building on the map. You can look at it as an oversized city map! Only this pop-up book, makes reading facts interesting. They thought so well about all details. For example: bridges, metro stations, tourist buses, happy couples, artist.. you name it! They even thought about the ‘white vans’ on the Champs Élysées who always ruin my pictures of the Arc d’Triomphe!!

Deep bow to the creators of this amazing work: Arnaud Roi and Sylvie Bessard *clap clap clap*.
Here’s a little sneak peak of the book! 

Paris BookParis Book 6Paris Book 2Paris Book 4Paris Book 7


Why Coco Chanel belongs to Paris.

Rouge Chanel, Rue de RivoliI took this picture somewhere near Rue the Rivoli. I don’t know why, but this lady caught my eye. She is chic, stylish and elegant. Properties where Coco Chanel was known for. I’m not always totally up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, but I’m more interested in the history of french designers, like Coco Chanel, and what’s left of it today.

Coco Chanel is an icon, she is historical and fascinating. I did some research and maybe I can enjoy the fashion lovers with this little post about Coco Chanel and here life/career in Paris.

Her childhood wasn’t easy. Her father left her at an early age and sent her, with her two sisters, to an orphanage. The Romanesque purity of this ascetic world, would be the inspiration for her austere style and her preference for black and white (which are also my favorites ). She stared making her own clothes, and in the evenings she sang at a cafe for soldiers. She was called ‘Coco’, because she always sang the song ”who saw Coco in the Trocadero?” Coco was different, she dressed like no one else and wore clothing inspired by menswear. She started designed exotic hats and other clothing, which were quickly appreciated by the wealthier women.

And then her prince on a white horse came along. English, rich and well educated. His name was Boy Capel. Boy helped Coco to become Chanel. With his encouragement she decided to open her first clothing store in Paris. Then in Deauville and Biarritz. Coco Chanel launched a whole new century of fashion. She shorted the dresses, showed the ankles, dumped the corsets and cut the hair. Nowadays, we are still thankful for that!

At Rue Cambon number 31, Coco Chanel opened the first couture house in Paris in 1981. She became the queen of fashion. Despite the fact that her business was going great, there was a tragic accident between. It was Boy Capel who died in a car accident. She lost the man of her dreams. Coco was broken. The strong woman as she was cried, but said some historical words: ‘either I die as well, or I finish what we started together’ And she did… Thank you Coco for all the amazing clothing and inspiring stories you left behind. We will blogging about you for many more years!



Safety first at the 14th of July.

14th of July


Cycling in Paris, yes you can!

Cycling around in Paris

Cycling around in Paris

It used to be unthinkable, now it’s even popular. Cycling in Paris.

It’s especially popular among the tourists. Tourists who aren’t  afraid to step on a bike and ring their bells like a Christmas song. The Parisians still have to get used to it. In former times, a bike had no status in Paris.The preference was for their own car or just public transport. Thankfully, times are changing.

I remember my own cycling vacation in the year 2004. From the Netherlands to Paris, with the ultimate goal… Disneyland Paris! After a final trip of 100 miles, we cycled there with our bikes around the Arc d’Triomphe and along the Champs Elysées. The police man had a heart attack when he saw us cycling. My father first, my brother and me in the middle and my mother behind. The policeman arranged especially for us the traffic with his whistle. He wanted us to reach our destination safely. For the police it was a scary moment, for us it was incredibly awesome! We didn’t realize that what we did was so unique in Paris. Such a big city, so little bicycles.

A few years ago, the traffic of Paris didn’t want anything to do with cyclists. They prefer  to chase them off the road! Today there are more than one hundred kilometers of cycling paths through the city. Finally, they are cycling at Paris! You can buy cycling maps at tourist offices or go prepared on vacation and order already a map online. You can rent bicycles everywhere and there are a lot of cool businesses.

Oh and don’t forget: no shame, no mercy just go on that bike and ring your bell like they hunk in their cars! 

Good luck and have fun!