Cafe des chats.


I finally did it! I visited the most charming cafe in Paris and it was more than puurrrfect. Okay, that was bad I’m sorry ;) But, do you still remember my post a long long time ago, when I told you that Paris would have their own cat-cafe?! I won’t blame you if you don’t remember it anymore because that was in 2013… I feel a bit ashamed that it took me so long to visit my little friends in Paris but, it was worth the waiting.

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the cafe were a few little pink noses curled up behind the window. The urge was to big for me to pet them. So I had to go inside as quick as I could go. For the hygiene I had to disinfect my hands before I could take place between the cats.

Their is a ground floor and a basement. The basement looked like an old cave, it was so cozy! It reminded me a bit of Shakespeare and company, an old English bookstore in Paris. Only here it was filled with a lot of cats instead of books, even better if you ask me!

All the food on the menu is organic and home made. You have to try the ‘romeo and julia’ tea, it was delicious. The best part still has to come…*drum-rolls*… it’s forbidden to feed the cats, so you can keep all the food for yourself and you won’t fall for their irresistibly puppy eyes.


I want to give a big applause to the owner of cafe des chats, Margaux Gandelon. She really made a great home for these little friendly creatures. There were many cozy corners, tunnels, baskets, pillows and of course leather sofas where they can scratch all day! For me it was hard to believe that all these pretty cats where abandoned, found on the streets and adopted from shelters. I still don’t understand why humans can be so mean to leave these cats on their own. Gladly these cats were lucky and found a warm home with the love and attention they deserve, but there are still a lot of cats that wait for a home. So, I hope that everyone who want to buy a cat (or dog) don’t forget about all the lonely animals in the shelters. They are just as great as any other animal and ready to be petted.

If you want to visit cafe des chats, it’s advisable to make a reservation because the cats are really popular. It would be a shame if it’s full when you’re there. Oh, and don’t forget to read the rules about cafe des chats on their website. For example: sleeping cats may not be petted and you can take photo’s but without a flash!

Click here for their website to make a reservation, check out the rules or learn more about the cats.

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥
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YES YES YES, first Cat Cafe in Paris!

BobbyWhen I searched on Google for ‘Cat cafe’, Google said ‘did you mean ‘chat-cafe?’ No Google I’m not dumb, I’m really searching for a Cat Cafe!

And I found some good news which I’m really excited about…*drums*… The first French Cat Cafe opens its doors Saturday in Paris! The cafe is located in the popular district Le Marais. I can’t wait to go there, I MUST GO THERE! The cafe is called ‘Cafe des Chats’ and their are nine cats ready to be petted!

Petting a cat while your drinking coffee with friends or new people, how cool is that? It’s especially fun for people who don’t have their own pets. The Cat Cafes have been popular for a long time in Tokyo and then it came to Europe. Big city’s like London, Vienna and Budapest have a Cat Cafe and Paris couldn’t stay behind. The goal of the Cat Cafe is to go outside, get away from your computer (stop blogging for a moment ;) meet new people, talk about cats and most of all.. enjoy the love of a cat ♥ 

I think it’s a great concept for people who like to be around cats and don’t mind if it’s a bit unhygienic. I also think it’s a really smart idea for finding a loving home for street- or cats from the shelter. I would love to have my own Cat Cafe! 

I’m a huge fan of cats and Paris. So, this is a prefect combination for me. What about you? Are you gonna visit this Cat Cafe when you’re in Paris?