Falafel in Paris.

falafelMy mother is a vegetarian so before we go on a trip together, we make sure we know where to buy food like falafel. Like any other big city, Paris has many shoarma restaurants or take away (a emporter) places, which often sell vegan- or falafel dishes.

Pitzman is our favorite place to buy Falafel. The staff is friendly and provides quickly a good meal. For falafel you pay €5.50 (take away) and for a whole dish only €9.50 (also take away). That’s for Parisian prices certainly not expensive. Pitzman is located in the Marais and I’m in love with the look of the restaurant. The chosen colors are so beautiful and match perfectly with the surrounding. From the outside it looks bigger than it actually is inside. Pitzman is one of the few places in Paris where the Jewish community comes together on Sunday to enjoy each others company. It’s such a photogenic restaurant, but remember that it’s a restaurant. Always be respectful for the people and take into account their privacy ;)

Tip for a sunny day: buy some take away falafel and take it with you to the oldest park in Paris, Place des Vosges.

Besides Pitzman there are many more falafel restaurants. To help you (and myself) a bit  I found this great list on the internet with the best falafel in Paris, enjoy it!

Tell me your favorite restaurant in Paris, I’m curious :)

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


Best croissants in Paris – Poilâne

PoilaneLe pain est le tuteur de la vie.
J. Smith, (1667-1745)

Sorry for the delay of my blog post, normally I blog around midnight but something came between. I promised you in my previous post to tell you more about the best croissants in Paris, which can be bought at Poilâne. But I don’t want to stop there. That would be a disgrace for the history, craft and passion of the wonderful bread they sell at Poilâne.

‘The best croissants in Paris’ is a beautiful title but won’t last forever. The bread on the other hand – goes for years. I won’t bore you with the whole history (which is quite interesting to read yourself, click here) of the store but, to quickly make my point clear: in 1932, when monsieur Poilâne opened his first shop , there were 5 bakeries on rue du cherche-midi, today, there is only 1. Doesn’t that say enough about the delicious bread?

When I was photographing the store, I was called by a Parisienne how great the bakery was (she had just bought an apple dumpling for on the way). She told me that she always stops when she is near. ‘Pure craft’ she said, for 3 generations long. Grandfather, father and now the daughter has taken over. Outside the store you can smell the aroma of fresh bread and the finest ingredients. I could’t stay any longer outside! 

The thing I really enjoyed about this little bakery (besides the products) was that they calculated everything with pen and paper. No expensive equipment’s! Very friendly and nice old-fashioned. It seemed like you just went back in time.

Take a look at their website http://www.poilane.com/. It gives you a nice view of their history, products and shops :) Enjoy! 


Glacier Berthillon.

What tastes better than a big bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day? Right, nothing! Refreshing flavors like, blueberry, strawberry plus a scoop of lemon. To top it off, a lot of whipped cream. Mmm.. delicious.
You can find plenty of ice cream parlours in Paris, but the best ice cream parlour is without any doubt, Glacier Berthillon.
Monsieur Berthillon started his small shop with homemade ice cream in the middle of Paris in 1950. His Italian ice is since that day a huge success and it’s hard to imagine, the streets of Paris without monsieur Berthillion. Not only the Parisians are in love with his ice cream but also the rest of the world!
The best thing about the ice cream from Berthillon is that the ingredients are all natural. No added flavors, preservatives or exaggerated marketing like other big names.
You can find his store at the following address: 31 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, 75004 Paris, France
Berthillon is a well known name in Paris. Restaurants put the name of this fabulous ice cream on their window to attract people to their restaurant. When you see his name on the windows you know they sell his ice cream.
Have you even been to Berthillon?