Groceries shopping at a film location from Amélie.

DSC_0481We found this place by chance on our way back to Gare du-Nord. If you’re an Amélie fan you should buy here some fruit for on-the-go. Which I did!

This little supermarket  is absolutely an important place in the movie and therefore a must-seen film location in Paris. I really enjoyed the scenes between the grocer (Mr. Collignon) and his assistant (Lucien). Even though I found him quite common to that sweet boy..

As you can see the name of the supermarket has changed into ‘Au marche de la Butte’ but the original sign, which was created for the film, is still hanging above the entrance. You can buy some postcards of the store as a little souvenir for yourself.

Here’s the address of the store, enjoy!

Au Marche de la Butte 
56, Rue des Trois Frères 
75018 Paris, Montmartre

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Café les Deux Moulins.

wpid-20131210_100220.jpgToday we had breakfast at Cafe les Deux Moulis. It’s not just an ordinary cafe in Paris. No, it’s the cafe of Amélie Poulain, where she worked during the movie.

It didn’t looked exacly the same as in the movie because some things were different, like the surrounding and somethings in the layout of the cafe. But most things where the same, so I wasn’t dissapointed at all :)

I also visited the toilets of the cafe, that was fun. Not only because I thought about that hilarious part of the movie (I bet you know which part I mean) but also because they had a showcase with stuff from the movie. Check it out on the photo! Look at the gnomes, the photo’s of the gnome when he was “on vacation” and they got even the crazy lamp with the pig. Wish I could take that one home with me, haha!

It was totally worth to visit! The staff was very friendy and the prices were reasonable for such a famous cafe. Make sure you have a breakfast, lunch of diner there too. Don’t forget: Cafe les Deux Moulins!

If you could choose one item of the movie, to keep for yourself..what would it be? I would love to have that photo album with all those passport photos..or her cat ;)

Click here for the soundtracks of the movie Amélie!


The fool looks at a finger that points at the sky – Amélie

Basilique du Sacré Caoeur


It’s magic, the soundtracks of Amélie.

If you’re looking for 2 hours of French music… voila. These songs are from the famous French movie, Amélie. Most of the songs are without any voices.

It’s a heartwarming movie with great humor and a lot of romance in a creative way. If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s the playlist of it. So you can get a bit into the mood for watching the movie ;)  I would highly recommend it, Amélie is one of my favorite movies of all time! 

Have you seen the movie? What was your favorite part?
I loved the part when she found that little toy box and searched for the former owner until she found him. So sweet, that she didn’t want anything for return, not even a ”thank you”. I also loved the scene when she wrote that love letter for Madeleine. Aaawwwh ♥ I have too many favorite parts, I can’t choose a number one!