Pyramide du Louvre, Paris.



Opéra Garnier, a must seen highlight.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like opera music or over dramatic theater shows… Opéra Garnier is a must seen for everyone. Seriously, it was the first time I visited a sight like this, and I’m still impressed by the beauty of it. It was the plan that we stayed there for an hour, but before I knew it the whole morning had passed. Details everywhere!

Main hall
I spent some time sitting on the stairs. I tried to focus on every detail and each time I blinked my eyes, the building became more and more interesting. That’s why it’s not really surprising that this is, with an area of ​​over 11,000 m², the biggest (and prettiest) opera building in the world . I mean, there is room for 2131 spectators!

An eye-catcher in the central room is the chandelier that weighs more than 6 tons. It’s designed by Charles Garnier himself. Okay, we all think the same thing, we all want the same thing. So don’t deny it, when I say that this chandelier would be a amazing swing! 


One point of attention. The toilets were a little disappointment, I had expected some golden toilet seats…

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


5 reasons why Paris is cooler than London (2/5)

As I told you in the previous post, I’ve seen more toilets than sights. That wasn’t only the fault of my lovely friends but also of London itself.

It’s remarkable that London was strucked while World War 2 and Paris has been spared. In Paris you’ll find beautiful old buildings everywhere, which are in many guides not even mentioned. That’s why you don’t have to look for sights in Paris, you find them automatically. London is a different story. Old and new buildings stand together what gives the city a messy appearance. For example: On the right the famous Big Big and on the left a strange building, that gives me the creeps…


Sightseeing isn’t that fun in London so that’s why reason number two is ”Sightseeing”. 

I always prepare myself well before I go on vacation, but in London I soon found out that the city didn’t had that many special highlights. An old prison and the London Eye attracted me the most. Because I didn’t found any more points of interests in the brochures, besides the Kensington Gardens, the London Dungeon and Oxford Circus, I had my hopes on the London Eye. With such a view you should be able to see everything…but that was also a bit disappointing. The view of the Eiffel Tower is quite a bit more impressive than the view of the London Eye. I missed the color, the secret parks hidden between the busy shopping streets and the imposing buildings that show of the wealth and power of such a huge city. Altogether, London can learn a lot from Paris in terms of sightseeing (and public toilets)

LV vs PV

To give you one last example, to show you the differences between the sights in Paris and London, from my point of view. I think you can compare Buckingham Palace with Hôtel National des Invalides in Paris. Both very beautiful and big buildings. The only difference is that Buckingham Palace is the number one attraction of London and Hôtel National des Invalides isn’t even in the top 5 of highlights in Paris ;)


When I return to London, I will do my best to find more sights, but it think it will never come close to the amazing sights of Paris.

The lesson I’ve learned about this is that  ”Sightseeing is the art of disappointment” 

Sweet dreams or a really good morning ♥


Louvre, Paris

Louvre 1When the sun shines on the Louvre, every photographer runs towards it, including myself. It feels like every shot you take is a good one. Because the whole square is filled with photographers, it’s hard to create an original photo out of such a touristic place. Some people overdo it a bit, but this time are all the credits for my boyfriend. When I was thinking about candy he stole my camera and took this lovely shot of the Louvre and the pyramid. I have to say that I’m a little jealous that I have not made ​​this picture myself ;) Enjoy it!  


Artwork of Escher or Grand Palais in Paris?

Grand PalaisI hesitated for a moment, but it’s really the Grand Palais in Paris. The people who are familiar with the work of Escher, will maybe understand my comparison.

I visit Paris regularly, but I always skip this building. Not intentionally, but subconsciously.That´s why I decided to take the first step during my last trip to Paris. I have immersed myself in the history of the building and the outside. I wasn’t disappointed at all. There are more than 40 events each year. Next time I’m going to visit an exhibition!

Because of the name ´´Grand Palais´´ I thought it was a former palace, but that´s not true. Grand Palais is a large exhibition hall (with an immense roof of glass) that was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris. It was build at the same time as the Petit Palais and Pont Alexandre III. The Grand Palais has been closed for 12 years because a part of the glass ceiling had collapsed. With the technology of today, we don’t have to be afraid that it will happen again!

A little fun fact is that the Grand Palais has more steel than the whole Eiffel Tower! Through this link you can learn more interesting things about the Grand Palais. Enjoy it!




Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument

Gustave Eiffel”I ought to be jealous of the tower. She is more famous than I am. – Gustave Eiffel († 1832-1923)” 

The Eiffel Tower had to be my Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s the most famous monument of Paris and I love to photograph it. 125 years old and it still gets people excited every day. Yeah, I know it’s a big tourist meeting point but for me it’s more than that. When I’m on the third floor and I can see Paris move… I’m always impressed. Mostly impressed by the size of the city. Again and Again. But the most important thing is that the view motivates me. I can’t wait to discover more and write about it! Everyone has his own source for inspiration. For me is the Eiffel Tower a very important one.

My point of this photo. Without Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower wouldn’t have exist. So, this time I didn’t put the Eiffel Tower in the spotlight, but the creator of it. Big applause for Gustave Eiffel.


The history of Paris with a touch of technology today.

Le Marais PeopleLe Marais is a popular district in Paris and definitely worth to see.The Eiffel tower is nice but the hidden treasures of the Marais are much more special. Don’t look for big sights or department stores. But, take a look at the local people and surrounding. You will notice that there are many falafel restaurants, craft shops and Jewish people. Not surprising because Le Marais was previously known as the Jewish Quarter. Characterized by wholesalers and leather goods. The pace of life is slower than average district in Paris. Quiet and peaceful. The old doors, narrow streets and the smell of traditional food, give you a sense of how it has been before. Yes, been before. Times are changing…the expensive brands want to settle here, housing prices are very high and today it’s also a popular district for the gay scene of Paris ;)

Gladly, the history of the Marais returns everyday. So we can still enjoy the atmosphere of this amazing district.
Take a look at the photo and judge for yourself ♡

Le Marais, Paris
Note: have you read my post about the oldest park in Paris yet? Click here to read more about Place des Vosges in the Marais. 


I’Île-Saint-Louis, Paris

Non, we’re not done here yet. I couldn’t resist to share this photo with you. It’s a really simple photo but I like it. It shows the calmness of this beautiful island. I’Île-Saint-Louis invites you for a slow walk through this exclusive residential area of ​​Paris.  You’ll be impressed by all the amazing stores and characteristic houses.

I can blog endlessly about it! But I can control myself, next time we move on. Maybe it’s time again for a bit of history…

Ile Saint Louis


Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Île, Paris

Saint-Louis-en-l'ÎleI’Île-Saint-Louis is the forgotten island next to the bigger one, I’Île-de-la-Cité. Many tourists don’t think it’s worth a visit because there are no big monuments (like the Notre-Dame or an Eiffel Tower) They are wrong in so many ways. The island may be small but it’s full of fun places and shops. Please, don’t underestimate the power of I’Île-Saint-Louis!

The island consists of one long street called Rue St-Louis-en-I’Île (bit predictable!) and there are only two ‘points of interests’. The Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile and the Adam Mickiewicz library. Today I will tell you about the church and later I tell you more about the library. One thing at a time ;)

The Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile is build between 1664 and 1726 and designed by 4 architects. The most famous one is Louis Le Vau, he also designed the palace of Versailles. The construction took 62 years, which is quite long for such a simple church. The main reasons of that were the lack of money and good workers. On top of the tower of the church hangs a big clock of iron from 1741. The church isn’t known because of it’s baroque architectural style but because of the large amount of gold and marble they used for the interior. The thing I like the most about Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile is that it’s so inconspicuous. It looks just like the rest of the houses on the island.. only with a tower!

In the next few days I’ll share with you my favorite shops of I’Île-Saint-Louis and I’ll give you the information about the Adam Mickiewicz library.

Keep hanging around, I appreciate your company ♥


Palais-Royale, Paris

Palais Royale 22FYI: Palais-Royal is a former royal palace located in the 1st district of Paris, behind the Louvre and the Tuileries. Nowadays, the French Ministry of Culture, the French Council of State (Conseil d’Etat) and the Constitutional Council can be found in this beautiful building.

Especially at night, it’s a perfect place to shoot some photos!