Je suis Charlie, Paris.

je suis charlie copyI think the whole world knows what’s going on in Paris, but for the people who just came out of their hibernation…here’s what going on. 

Together with the rest of the world, I stood still as well by what happened in Paris yesterday. I was so shocked when I heard the news for the first time. I want to show my deepest sympathy to everyone that has been harmed by this horrible act. Stay strong and keep those pencils up. Everyone has the right to express their opinion in their own way!

At this moment the ‘Je suis Charlie’ page on Wikipedia has become a busy topic. It feels like we’re getting every minute more and more information about what is going on in Paris. I’m not going to blog 4 pages about all the things that are going on, but just a short summary of what took place yesterday and what you should do if you have booked a trip to Paris in the upcoming days.

Yesterday around 11:30 two masked gunman stormed into the headquarter of the french satirical newspaper in Paris: Charlie Hebdo. The prints and comics in the newspaper of Charlie Hebdo are often very hard, cynical and critical of authorities and institutions.Unfortunately this time the reason for an horrible attack on 9 employees of Charlie Hebdo. Before they jumped back into their car to get away, they called the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great) and shot two National Police officers dead. There are also a number of serious injuries. The attack was well prepared, they knew all the names and got along with heavy weapons.

The National Police of France have launched a manhunt to get the perpetrators. Want to stay informed of the arrests? Keep an eye one the different live blogs on the internet. For now the editors of newspapers and magazines, department stores, cultural institutions and public transport in Paris will receive extra security.

All the cartoonists, illustrators, artists and people who believe in freedom of expression are showing their outrage on Twitter with the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie. Many responses are with cartoons and illustrations. You can find my illustration on top of this blog post and of course also on my twitter page.

Important: the remaining staff of Charlie Hebdo have announced that the publication will continue. The magazine will be published next week as usual, only with much larger number of copies, 1 million!   

If you have booked your trip to Paris, I can understand that you have your doubts. Yeah, there is at this moment a tiny risk to travel to Paris, because something terrible happened. But don’t forget that all the security in Paris is extremely tightened to make it as safe as possible for everyone. An attack can happen anywhere. Keep an eye on the newswebsites, my blog and social media to learn more about the current situation in Paris.



Paris Photo Fair, Grand Palais.

Explosion+w+Road©Shirley Wegner

I‘ve noticed that I have a lot of followers who are into photography and into Paris as well. So, good news for them because this weekend is the 18th edition of the Paris Photo Fair! The fair takes place on a beautiful location, namely the Grand Palais located in the 8th district of Paris. That’s nearby the Champs-Élysées so don’t forget to visit the Christmas market.

The fair is a great opportunity to discover new artists and meet new people who have the same interests as you do. You can walk there for hours because 169 galleries will expose their best works! I’m a bit sad that I couldn’t be there this weekend, because I would like to admire the work of one of my favorite artists: Shirley Wegner. She is mostly known for her large-scale photographs of landscapes that she creates by herself. For me are the big explosions the most impressing, but she has also amazing art pieces of paper. The rest of the artists of the Paris Photo Fair can be found by using this link.

This fair is only from the 13th till the 16th of November and a ticket costs €30,00. If you want to take a closer look at all the photographs, you have to visit Paris this weekend ;) Check out their website for more information or to buy your tickets online.

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥

Tell me the stories if you have been there or to share your favorite artists!


How to create a creative application letter?

1-DSC_0015Do you know those days when you want to be a bit against the grain? It’s not that I like London more than Paris today, but I just want to write something different . No bakeries, bookstores or facts about the Parisian subway, today I’ll give you a lesson in how to create a creative application letter :)

With all the choices these days, it’s hard to figure out what job you want or which direction you want to go to. Did you finally find your dream job, you have to make an application letter to get that precious job interview!

Yay, the application letter… That’s the point where most people are getting insecure. How to stand out between all the hundreds of other applicants? One word: creativity. Just think out of your comfort zone and create something different than a letter typed in Word (Ariel, font size 10) Self expression, motivation and personal touches… it’s all in your following application!

Where to start? Many companies do their application process online, what makes it even harder to create a creative application letter. It always works the same way: application letter in the mail and the curriculum vitae in the Annex. How boring?!

Have you every thought about making a whole website as an application letter? You can make a video on the homepage to show your motivation, write a blog post about the skills you have and show them with your online portfolio the experience you already have. Nothing is too crazy as you keep it in one style. Make sure you don’t make your stories too wordy and keep the website clean. Use websites as WordPress, Tumblr or Blogspot to get a free user friendly website! To make your application website even more interesting, show them why belong in their team. Let people leave a positive comment behind. Think of previous bosses or former teachers (only recommended if you’ve been a really good boy or girl!) 

If you’re not that good with websites (or computers ;), use your hands. Find some things that you find interesting and get started! Before I knew that I was going to college this year, I made ​​an application for the company My Little Paris. It was my biggest dream (and still is) to work there for a while. I’m not French, don’t live in Paris, and yet I wanted to work there and compete with those who stood 10 strokes before me. I’ve done my best to create something unique and it worked. I’ve got their attention and interest… ‘unfortunately’ I went to college and eventually the whole application ended in nothing. But it was worth it because I learned to think out-of-the-box and I now have a good example to help others ;)

Never forget to use your own imagination, you have more creativity than you think!

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


Elyxyak, digital street art in Paris

Hi everyone, I’m back on track! Well, almost. I’m one week off from school, so that means I have time to breath again ;)

This post isn’t about my own work, but that of a little guy called Elyx. Yeah I know, he couldn’t choose a more difficult name, but if you want tot learn how to say it right, just watch the first seconds of this video over and over again. I’m still learning…

Back to Elyx. I was talking with a friend of mine on Twitter and showed him the work of this little social media hero. Then I realized I had to share it with the rest of my followers, because if you love Paris, you will also love these awesome drawings and videos. The digital street art of Elyxyak is created by Yacine Ait Kaci and gets worldwide more and more fans. He is everyday very active and sometimes he organizes scavenger hunts to get the chance to find one of his original drawings. I could tell you more about him, but I think it’s better to examine it by yourself, right?!

Here are a few examples of his work and of course the link to his website, where you can find all the links to his social media. Have fun!



Street art in Paris by Hopare.

Unknown 3Do the people at an Art Academy have any chance of a successful career? Is art in these days still worth any money?

Uh, I won’t even try to think of more questions, because the answer is YES. Yes, artistic people still have the chance to earn there livings with their work. It’s a though business because the competition is great, but I think the strength lies in learning from each other, instead of seeing each other as competitors. Find your own direction, focus on yourself and believe in your own abilities. 

A fantastic source of inspiration for me, and maybe for you, is the French artist Hopare. His work can be found all over the world and he is only 24 years old! Hopare’s artworks are being sold for prices above the 8,500 euros. (People even try to steal his work from the public walls) When you get stuff like that done, you’re get the medal of a successful artist, haha.

I discovered his work during a street art tour in Paris and his painting was for me the icing on the cake. Look at the shiny colors he used, they fit so perfect together. You can see that Hopare has a graphic background by the shapes and lines he uses. I can stare at it for hours, it’s so detailed.

I’n not a fan of writing a whole biography about him, because he has his own website with a lifestyle part. His photo’s will show you his latest work and places he has been to. So, if you want to get some more information about him, or see his other work, you can go to his website.

If you want to see this artwork by yourself, you have to go to Rue des Maronites, located in the 20th district of Paris. It’s worth the travel, even if you have come from far.

Tell me, what do you think of his work?

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


More art at Marché Parisien de la Création!

Art ManSince I started studying at the art school, I’m more interested in art than ever. I try to look at artworks in different ways and like to brainstorm about the choices the artist had to make before his artwork was finished. The fun part about art is that anyone can interpret it at his or her own way. During our philosophy and art history lessons we try to understand the question ”what is art?” and what characteristics match the answer we want to give. It’s a lot of fun, discussion different topics on what we think is art and is what not. We never agree with each other!

Okay, time to make my point. Are you interested in art, and do you like to discuss artworks and paintings (or do you want to buy some of those beauties)? Get a group of friends together and go on a Sunday to la Tour Montparnasse (that’s the biggest tower in Paris, you can’t miss it). There you’ll find a hidden market full with art, art and more art. In order to respect the work of the artist I only took a few photo’s with permission, but I can tell you that the art collection is very ranging so there are plenty enough ingredients for a good discussion. Gladly, the market isn’t a place for traders, but for real artists who only sell original work.

You can find Marché Parisien de la Création between the streets: Rue du Depart and Rue de la Gaîté. The nearest subway station is Edgar Quinet.

Oh wait, one last thing for the people who want to eat pancakes (crêpes) in Paris. Don’t search any longer..You’ll find here more than enough pancakes restaurants for your whole stay in Paris!

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning♥ 

Note: Let me know your opinion about ”what is art?” 


Oh no, not Place du Tertre again!

Yeah Yeah, I know that I’ve been blogging a lot about Montmartre and all the artist who work there. A fun fact is that I still haven’t had enough of it ;) I do find the prices of all those paintings way overpriced, but that’s just how it works in a touristic painters life. Despite the expensive artworks and the not Parisian artists, it remains an inspiring place for anyone who loves art and Paris. Here are some photo’s I took during my last trips to Paris. Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about an other place in Paris where you can buy cool art pieces or pancakes!

Sweet dreams everyone or a very good morning ♥ 


Assocation LE M.U.R. – Street Art in Paris

DamianAlright street-art fans, time to pay attention!

As you may have noticed in all my previous posts, Paris is full of amazing street art. Most of the street art is illegal, but gladly, Paris is also a city with many legal places for artists to express them selves.

Le M.U.R is a great example of one of those places. (Don’t confuse the name of this wall with the one in Montmartre ‘Le mur des je t’aime‘) Le M.U.R is a concept conceived by the French artist Jean Faucheur. By means of great perseverance he managed to grab a piece of Paris, where each week a new artist may show his or her work.

It was a great honor to meet him in person while he was looking at one of the new art pieces on the wall. He told us so much about his work, about other street art in Paris and other information you can’t find on the internet ;) For example: did you knew that many street art in Paris gets stolen? Such a same and a big scandal because street art is for everyone. Not only for the people who can’t afford expensive artworks but also for the people like me, who enjoy all those unique pieces. How can I capture them for you…if they steal it from the wall?! The prices of the street art pieces are sometimes worth more than 50 thousand euros! Depending on the artists of course. But is doesn’t matter how famous the artist is, street art is priceless. 

Street art le Mur

If you are curious about all the artworks of Le M.U.R, you can go to: 
http://lemur.asso.fr/ or buy their book called Le MUR, The Wall.

If you want to see Le M.U.R by yourself, here is the address:
107 Rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris

By the way: the wall gets painted on Saturday. If you get the chance it’s definitely fun to have a chat with the artists! They love to talk about their work, really interesting to learn new artists!

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥ 


Brocante des Abbesses, Paris.

Abbesses MarketI’ve been to this lovely market at Place de la Abbesses,  but I couldn’t remember on what day anymore. Forgive me, I’m also getting older ;) Gladly the internet always helps me out. When I searched for ”flea market Abbesses” I couldn’t find a thing. ”Oh, that’s right..I know how it works in Paris”, they don’t like therms as flea markets or jumble sale. It has to be a bit more fancier than that. Then I tried vintage and by that designation, I found the real name of the market: Brocante des Abbesses. 

Such a sweet little market where you can buy secondhand stuff, vintage furniture, broken paintings… I better stop counting because it’s too much too write down. You can better see it by yourself on a Sunday or enjoy the pictures I have for you. 

Do you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them!

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


Art Symbol Gallery, Le Marais – Paris

Le Marais art galleryLe Marais is known for its many art galleries, they are everywhere. For instance: in small passages, hidden courtyards or around Place des Vosges.

Personally, I’m a fan of modern art. Lively with many colors, it has to cheer me up! During my routine walk along the art studios, I fell in love with a book. Not ‘just’ a book but an artwork. You can see it behind the window display on the picture above. The artwork is called ‘Book of Life’, created by Kracov. 

I immediately thought of the inspiring quote – ‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly’. It always remind me to keep going and keep trying. Even if things aren’t going the way I want them to go ;) Ups and downs are part of our lives and if we do well.. we only remember the ups.

The book wasn’t the only piece of art I liked, they had many more objects hanging on the wall. Click here, to check out their website and the whole art collection. You can learn more about Kracov and his work but also about other artists. Enjoy yourself, discovering new treasures! 

Here’s the address: 
21 Place des Vosges
F-75003 Paris