Temps de cuisson à E.Dehillerin, Paris

E.DehillerinI promised you on my twitter that I would write 2 different articles today, so here we go!

I was scrolling through my pictures when I remembered this lovely cook-store in the middle of Paris. It’s a well known fact that food and cooking belong to the French people, but I guess not only the French people love to cook, but maybe you as well?

If you’re looking for nice restaurants, fresh food or cookware, you have to go to the area of Les Halles. Earlier there were covered market places here, but now it’s full with cook-stores and more! (If you want to read more about the history of the covered market places, click here).

So, back to E.Dehillerin. The store has a unique look with big yellow letters on top. The windows are full with interesting stuff, but most of all I liked the variety of the products and the friendly staff. Last week someone asked me where to buy original souvenirs in Paris..well here you are! Every cook- and Paris lover would love to receive a pretty cookbook brought from Paris.

One last tip: always use your own mind. If you don’t need that copper pan of €180,-…don’t buy it! Sometimes the staff is a little too excited ;)

E.Dehillerin 1

Here is the address:
18-20 rue Coquillière

Tell me what do you think of this special place? 


4 thoughts on “Temps de cuisson à E.Dehillerin, Paris

  1. Dang… just returned from Paris and this would have been a must-see stop since I was traveling with the mother of an “all things French” chef. She would have loved copper :) I’m already planning my next trip for the things I missed like Pere-LaChaise, more Hemingway, and on and on and on. Must sleep during the day and stay up for the City of Lights – couldn’t do that as we were exhausted from all the walking..and stairs. Sure felt good, though and we ate so well and healthy.

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