Elyxyak, digital street art in Paris

Hi everyone, I’m back on track! Well, almost. I’m one week off from school, so that means I have time to breath again ;)

This post isn’t about my own work, but that of a little guy called Elyx. Yeah I know, he couldn’t choose a more difficult name, but if you want tot learn how to say it right, just watch the first seconds of this video over and over again. I’m still learning…

Back to Elyx. I was talking with a friend of mine on Twitter and showed him the work of this little social media hero. Then I realized I had to share it with the rest of my followers, because if you love Paris, you will also love these awesome drawings and videos. The digital street art of Elyxyak is created by Yacine Ait Kaci and gets worldwide more and more fans. He is everyday very active and sometimes he organizes scavenger hunts to get the chance to find one of his original drawings. I could tell you more about him, but I think it’s better to examine it by yourself, right?!

Here are a few examples of his work and of course the link to his website, where you can find all the links to his social media. Have fun!



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