Brocante des Abbesses, Paris.

Abbesses MarketI’ve been to this lovely market at Place de la Abbesses,  but I couldn’t remember on what day anymore. Forgive me, I’m also getting older ;) Gladly the internet always helps me out. When I searched for ”flea market Abbesses” I couldn’t find a thing. ”Oh, that’s right..I know how it works in Paris”, they don’t like therms as flea markets or jumble sale. It has to be a bit more fancier than that. Then I tried vintage and by that designation, I found the real name of the market: Brocante des Abbesses. 

Such a sweet little market where you can buy secondhand stuff, vintage furniture, broken paintings… I better stop counting because it’s too much too write down. You can better see it by yourself on a Sunday or enjoy the pictures I have for you. 

Do you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them!

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥

2 thoughts on “Brocante des Abbesses, Paris.

  1. I recently visited this market and loved it. I bought a photo album from a kiosk run by an older couple selling hundreds of postcards. Do you often visit the market? I am from Canada and since I cannot easily go back and visit I was curious as to how well you know the market there? Do the same sellers come back each week? I would love to know more about them and where they happened to find this very unique photo album I purchased from them not too long ago. But if the sellers change all the time there is really no point. Any insight you can give would be great!
    Thank you
    Erika Hanchar (if you are on facebook and would like to chat more please look me up.)

    • Whoops, I’m sorry for my late, late, laaaateee response. I don’t visit the market every time I’m in Paris, but I do know that the sellers inside the market hall are mostly the same. Many antique sellers are born in the area and won’t leave their spot for a moment. It’s kind of their home. But, since the market is getting more and more popular , the amount of sellers has grown. So there is always a possibility that the seller of your postcards made place for a new one, but most of them will stuck to their places. Big chance he’s still there when you visit Paris again!

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