Window shopping at Rue Tiquetonne, Paris.

1-DSC_0174Today when I was browsing trough my photos, I found a photo of Rue Tiquetonne. I ‘discovered’ this street during my latest trip to Paris, when I was searching for the famous pastry store G.Detou. Because it has been a while since we’ve talked about streets and shopping, I thought it was a good idea to share this street with you guys. So, grab your bucket-list if you’re crazy about Paris and unique shopping places.

Personally, I think Rue Tiquetonne is the perfect example of a Parisian street. A narrow street with flower-decorated balconies, very photogenic and full of little shops. When I was there, it just had rained so I could smell the exotic flowers from the florist extra good.

Sun or rain, in both cases you won’t be bored. For example you can visit Benefit (beauty salon), Nice Things (clothing store, with nice things) Pylones (crazy store with crazy stuff) or to the Vans store a bit further. Extra special is the little shop called Anthony Peto. Designer hats in central Paris. How amazing that these stores still exist? I only wonder who wears them? Of course that question doesn’t matter at all, because they are great to look at! Anthony Peto makes colorful creations and he does good business worldwide. The prices of the hats range from €90 to €200 euros. If you are curious about his creations, check out his website. When I looked at his website, his answers to the frequently asked questions made me laugh. Take a look:


I hope you enjoyed this street, it’s absolutely worth to see. If I haven’t convinced you jet, you should know that the area around Rue Tiquetonne is also very interesting ;) Time for me to go back into my archive for more blog posts! Oh yeah, if you’re curious about all stores on Rue Tiquetonne, click here.

1-Parijs April 20144

Sweet dreams everyone or a really good morning ♥


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