How to describe a true Parisian.

”Can you describe a true Parisian?”

Uhm…brown messy hair, well dressed, walking around on flats and holding a banquette. Or wait, it’s also possible that she had blond hair, high heels and a box of macarons. Wake up! That’s not how it works, you just can’t describe that many people who live in one city. The internet is full with lists of cliches about the Parisians (which are fun to read), but to describe ‘the real Parisian people’ you need your own experiences. Lot and lot of experiences. And even then you can’t describe the whole population of Paris, you only have an impression.

Through my blog I try to give you an impression about the Parisian lifestyle. The buildings, streets, sights, foodies and goodies and of course about the Parisians themselves. With this blog post I want to make a new contribution to the question ”can you describe a true Parisian?”

I call him: Parisian Chic and he deserves an award! I got really exited when I found him. This is what picture perfect looks like. Just look at him! LOOK! His jacket that matches his scooter, his tie that matches his pants and shoes that match his belt. He even matches with the shop shutter in the background!!! It’s just too perfect for my eyes, he almost broke my lens! So please, may I have of moment of silence for this happy moment at Rue Clér in Paris?

Sweet dreams or a really good morning ♥



4 thoughts on “How to describe a true Parisian.

  1. Too early for dreams, but if you give me a taste of macaroon, I’ll be a good, quiet, boy😁

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