Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

birdsDrop your winter coats and put on that fabulous trench coat! Change your wool scarf for a beautiful velvet shawl. Get rid of those thick shoes and grab your ballerinas out of the closet. Spring time in Paris is amazing! 

Spring is such a relax season of the year. After those (too long lasting) cold winter days we’re dying for the first sunbeams. The Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring reminded me of this picture because for me, watching people in Jardin des Tuileries is the best way to celebrate the spring. Fascinating how the flower beds regain color and the leaves on the trees begin to grow again. Parisians and tourists gather again around the fountains and the books and picnic baskets reappear. The windows of the fashion stores at Rue de Rivoli are changing their winter collection for the new summer trends and colors. Paris is getting ready for another great year ♥

Don’t you love the big smile of this man? Pigeons are great, haha. Spring, summer, autumn or winter…that doesn’t matter for me! I always make time to take care of my little friends. Spring means finally, no more cold days for them. Except a few exceptions of course ;)

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