3 reasons why rain isn’t a problem in Paris.

During my last trip the raindrops were very attached to me. Personally, I’m more a fan of sunshine so that was a little awkward. Still, I didn’t complain because I love the following quote ”it’s Paris, you don’t come here for the weather”. True that.

I have to admit that the rain makes it difficult for a photographer to take pictures. The lens gets wet and taking pictures while holding an umbrella isn’t an ideal combination. My boyfriend had to hold my umbrella for a zillion times…sorry Dylan! 

To convince you that a little rain in Paris isn’t a bad thing, are here my 3 favorite reasons why you have to keep smiling.

1. Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.
Does this reason need an explanation? They look fabulous! The people on the picture below came from Malta. I wanted to take a picture of them, but they asked me first. The colors they wear are the colors of the flag of Malta. Such a kind couple, bit of a shame that they are standing in the wrong direction ;)

 Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.

Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos.

2. Time for foodies and goodies!
When the sun shines, I’m busy taking pictures, walking around and quickly get something to eat. When it rains, I visit more shops, eat in cafes or bakeries and there is finally time for underground and covered sights. Always make a backup plan if the weather is a bit disappointing.

Time for foodies and goodies

Time for foodies and goodies

3. Royal transport.
Finally a valid reason to drive around like a queen. Normally, I would never step into a car with a stranger like that, but rain can change your thoughts. You don’t want to sit all day in an underground subway and the buses are mostly overcrowded when it rains. Walking with an umbrella is fine but if you want to hurry up… jump into a Tuk Tuk! Everything has a price to pay… from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc d’Triomphe cost you around the 20 euros! Quite expensive, nice to have once done in Paris.

Yes, this is allowed now!

Yes, this is allowed now!


Enjoy your rainy days in Paris!

4 thoughts on “3 reasons why rain isn’t a problem in Paris.

  1. I enjoy reading your blog… Crazy tourists in crazy ponchos = is that considered many levels less than chic? I’m bringing mine although it does not have Le Tour Eiffel on the back. Just want to call your attention to one word, and that is “retard” which in French probably just means slow? In English it is considered bad form has it is a shortened version of “retarded” – mentally handicapped. I’m sure you meant retard in the French definition but just wanted to know how the word might appear to English readers.

    • Thank you for enjoying my blog :) I’m glad you know me a bit and know that was not my intention. Thank you for pointing it out to me. I don’t want to hurt people in any kind of way so I deleted it to avoid more confusion about the meaning of the word. Have a nice day and I hope you won’t have to use your poncho in Paris ;)

  2. WOW! 20 euros for a ride from Place de la Concorde to the Arc d’Triomphe. That’s a bit hefty. During our last trip there we were told that it was an unusually wet week. Umbrellas and rain were no strangers to us. But as you quoted, you don’t go for the weather. As it turned out, some of our coolest memories were of us huddled under our umbrella walking around the Marais or around the 7th.

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