HEMA takes over!

HEMAFor a moment I thought I was back in the Netherlands. NOT a good sign. My boyfriend noticed this woman cycling by with a big bag of the HEMA. Unfortunately, I was to slow to take a picture of her in action so, I had tho follow her until she stopped. I was prepared for a long run but it was only 5 meters… I’m not always in the mood to shamelessly take pictures of the people I have in my sights. This is the best I could make of it ;)

HEMA is a dutch company and has become especially popular because of the low prices (yes, typical dutch). When the first store opened in 1926, products were sold for 10, 25 and 50 cents. Something unthinkable at this time! The first HEMA store was opened in France in 2009. In 2012, the first station shop of France was opened at Garde-du-Nord, Paris.

Besides the advantage that I can buy ‘stroopwafels’ in Paris, I’m sad that all these big companies take over the city. Paris is wonderful because of all the little boutiques and small shops. Why don’t we keep it that way? I don’t believe that the Parisians like to support these big companies like the HEMA.  Keep doing what you’re doing and protect the local shops. Otherwise, the world will become very boring…


7 thoughts on “HEMA takes over!

  1. Yes, I must agree with you. In New York and London small businesses are becoming extinct, pushed out by big corporate stores, robbing cities of their diversity, creativity—and making it nearly impossible for people to own businesses in the big cities. New York is becoming so boring now, like living in an expensive suburb. Paris should take care, and protect small business owners, or Paris will stop being Paris. This is a great concern as it is changing quickly. Don’t shop in these places, and push the new mayor to pass laws that protect small businesses. It’s that simple.

    • YES! I’m so glad more people agree about this subject. And you’re right..time flies and big brands won’t stop growing just to protect a city like Paris. They only think about the dollar signs :( If more people, like us, stopped shopping at those impersonal companies, owning a petit boulangerie in Paris won’t be a unrealistic dream anymore!

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