Express yourself with designer must haves in Paris!

Pour la vieWe all have those silly things that we don’t need… but absolutely must have! I’m not talking about big televisions, expensive camera’s or the newest coffee machines. No, I’m talking about the small details. The little things that attract all the attention. Everyone wonders why you bought it but they also admit that it looks extremely good in your living room. Come on, it’s great to bring unique pieces back to your studio to impress your friends an family by expressing yourself. You can almost read their minds. Where did she bought it? Why have I never thought of a green rabbit on a white table? Arghhh this is killing me! 

Good news! That won’t happen to you guys, because here is your own crazy gadget store in Paris. The store is called ‘Pour la Vie’, which means in English – ‘for life’.  And that’s exactly the point of buying a designer item. You usually have to pay a little more but you can enjoy it the rest of your life. Stephane Puglia opened the doors of Pour la Vie in 1922 and is still the proud owner of this lovely place. That’s what I call a life’s work ;) 

Here’s the address of Pour la Vie:
7 rue de l’Alboni.
75016 Paris
FYI: Take the metro and get off at subway station Passy. Walk up the stairs (or take the lazy escalator) and you will find Pour la Vie on your left hand. The neighborhood is stunning! It’s near Trocadero and thereby located in a wealthier part of Paris. When the sun shines on the buildings, it will take your breath away.

Bon weekend ♥ 


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