Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection

reflectionLet’s start this week with a Weekly Photo Challenge called ‘reflection’. I chose this picture for two different reasons. The first reason is obvious, it shows a reflection of the famous hotel, ‘Hotel du Louvre’ in Paris. The second reason is more personal but if you’ve followed my blog a bit… you may well expect what’s coming ;)

Paris is more than a city for me. It’s a place for reflection, self-awareness, challenges, inspiration and a place for achievements. Some people have a display of prices in the living room, I have Paris. My ultimate goal in life is to become a true ‘Paris expert’. I want to write all day about this city and enjoy people with my work. It won’t be easy but to be honest, I’m convinced that I’m going to achieve that goal! I’m already on my way, right?!

Thank you guys for all the help in achieving that goal. I hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to read more stuff. I’m working on a new website about Paris. It’s so much fun to be working on it but it cost a lot of time. I also have to go to work, what always takes a bit too much time ;)  I try to work as fast as possible but good articles and drawings take some time. I work with love and passion not with stress and a deadline! I’ll keep you informed when it’s online and I hope to see you all around!

Thanks again for all the support and don´t hesitate to send me an email anytime!
Enjoy the photo and let me know what your perfect place for reflection is.

Bonne nuit (ou bonjour!) ♥  

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection

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  2. Gorgeous photo. Love the colors. Always wanted to visit France. Perhaps in the near future. And Paris seems like a great place to reflect on life; the atmosphere is just so alluring and seem s perfect for it.

    • Merci beaucoup for the compliments and following my blog. I appreciate it a lot :) Yes, Paris has a rare atmosphere. I can’t describe the feeling but it’s more than amazing. I hope you will visit Paris soon… I’m sure it will meet your expectations!

  3. Amazing entry Danielle! I love especialy the texture of the floor around the reflection itself – the colors are stunning. Your love for the city is so beautiful that you don’t even need to explain it in words. Your images show everything. Keep your passion and I’ll be following you!

  4. Love the colors and the clarity of the reflection. Paris used to be my city And stays in my heart for ever. I recommend places in Paris in my blog and and gives a Paris’ flair

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