Shopping at Habitat, Paris

Habitat 3Today I bought the new cooking book of Rachel Khoo, Little French Kitchen (a real cook-book-must-have). It was already out in English but today I bought the Dutch version. Rachel Khoo is my favorite food writer and I’m a big fan of her television show ‘my little Paris kitchen’. She motivates me to cook or to go hunting for new kitchen equipment’s. That’s why I immediately thought for today’s blog-post, of Habitat in Paris! 

Habitat is a big brand in French and they have many different locations. I only have been in the store in Paris and I enjoyed myself! They had so many great stuff for your home and kitchen. I visited the store with my mother and she had to hold me back. Otherwise I had spend way too much money! At habitat it looks like you need everything. Potholders, need them! 20 different knives, need them! Iron trash cans…uh.. need them! A lot of choices and little gadgets. If you love to cook or to decorate your home, this is a perfect store to stop by ;)

Here is the address of the store in Paris where I’ve been. The other locations of Habitat can be found at their website.

42/44 rue du Fbg Saint Antoine
75012 PARIS 

I’ve also made a few photo’s to give you a little impression, enjoy! 

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