Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Île, Paris

Saint-Louis-en-l'ÎleI’Île-Saint-Louis is the forgotten island next to the bigger one, I’Île-de-la-Cité. Many tourists don’t think it’s worth a visit because there are no big monuments (like the Notre-Dame or an Eiffel Tower) They are wrong in so many ways. The island may be small but it’s full of fun places and shops. Please, don’t underestimate the power of I’Île-Saint-Louis!

The island consists of one long street called Rue St-Louis-en-I’Île (bit predictable!) and there are only two ‘points of interests’. The Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile and the Adam Mickiewicz library. Today I will tell you about the church and later I tell you more about the library. One thing at a time ;)

The Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile is build between 1664 and 1726 and designed by 4 architects. The most famous one is Louis Le Vau, he also designed the palace of Versailles. The construction took 62 years, which is quite long for such a simple church. The main reasons of that were the lack of money and good workers. On top of the tower of the church hangs a big clock of iron from 1741. The church isn’t known because of it’s baroque architectural style but because of the large amount of gold and marble they used for the interior. The thing I like the most about Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile is that it’s so inconspicuous. It looks just like the rest of the houses on the island.. only with a tower!

In the next few days I’ll share with you my favorite shops of I’Île-Saint-Louis and I’ll give you the information about the Adam Mickiewicz library.

Keep hanging around, I appreciate your company ♥


3 thoughts on “Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Île, Paris

      • I wish i could tell you but it was about 6 years ago and I’m terrible with names. I remember the food though. An amazing onion soup with large cheese covered croutons, a brilliant medium rare steak with fries and the best tasting creme brûlée i have ever had. I think it was in the west end of the island.

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