Les chats de Dubout

ChatsI can tell you without any doubt that these little cats are my favorite cats in the world. I collect them for my boyfriend because he is just as crazy about them as I am. Every time I go to Paris, I buy one or two cats. Not more, it should stay something to look forward to. You can buy the ‘Les chats de Dubout’ only in a few shops in Paris. Not all souvenir shops have them because they are quiet expensive. I always buy them at ‘Le Hameau d’Eugénie’, a cute souvenir store in Montmartre. 

Back to the cats. They are created by the French illustrator Albert Dubout (1905-1976). Animals were always a big source of inspiration for his graphics and illustrations, especially his own cats. Kikou, his favorite cat was even granted the unique privilege of entering his studio while he worked (an area totally off limits for all human creatures!) In 1962 he produced his first series of cat drawings and with success!

Go buy your own cats! Here’s the adress of the store:
Le Hameau d’Eugénie
18 Rue Ravignan, 75018 Paris, France




8 thoughts on “Les chats de Dubout

  1. BTW, if you are interested in more of Albert Dubout’s work, here is his official website: http://dubout.fr/ There is a musée here in Palavas-les-Flots (just outside Montpellier). There are expositions and it is a lovely beachside town.

      • I’m not sure about the exposition. I would check with the office of tourism in Palavas-les-Flots. I went there with a friend about five years ago. We were only going to stay the one night and enjoyed ourselves so much we stayed five nights!

      • In my experience, it is best to check either with the tourism office or the actual musée as what you see online is not always current.

    • Hi Heather! Unfortunately, they don’t make any new cats to keep his work unique, but there are so many different types of cats that it takes a while to collect them all ;)

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