Musée Grévin, Paris

Musee grevinDo you want to meet the Coca-Cola Santa Claus? Or would you rather cuddle with George Clooney? It’s both possible at one of the oldest wax museums in Europe, Musée Grévin. You can compare it a bit with Madame Tussaud, only a bit older and with more famous French names. The museum is located in the 9th district of Paris at Boulevard Montmartre and definitely fun to walk through.

The museum is known for its baroque architecture and a hall of mirrors. No distorting mirrors but a unique sound and light show. It was originally built for the ‘Exposition Universelle’ in 1900 at the Trocadero. Besides the stunning hall of mirrors, Musée Grévin has around 450 characters of all category’s. History of France, modern life, movie starts and international figures as Albert Einstein. More I will not tell… go and discover it for yourself!

Here’s their website for more information about the prices, opening times and the location:

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about the passage where the museum is located ;)
Sweet dreams for now or a really good morning ♥


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