Rue Quincampoix, Paris

Les Halles

Rue Quincampoix is near Les Halles in the 4th district of Paris named Hôtel-de-Ville. This area is full of restaurants, sights and many (souvenir) stores. The most fun part about the area are the byways. There you will find the smaller restaurants with ‘fair trade’ prices and And there you will find the Parisians after work.

For example – ‘Le Komptoir’ (see picture above). It’s a cozy restaurant with an underground cave below the restaurant, which is common in Paris. It’s also more than normal, to almost sit on each others lap during dinner in a restaurant. Normally, I like to have some space around me but in Paris, it doesn’t bother me anymore. If you stay away from my food, we’re cool! That’s the reason I call most restaurants ‘cozy’ instead of small and with limited privacy :) 

The picture above is one of my favorite photo’s I took in Paris. Well, I have too many favorite photos but on this photo you can see the peacefulness of the side streets (yes, even that can still be found in Paris), the lovely decorations of the local restaurants and a Parisian on his way to his favorite cafe. The light, the atmosphere, the environment .. I just love Paris ♥

Let the weekend begin, make it something beautiful! 


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