An artist in Montmartre, Paris.

Place du Tertre in Montmartre, Paris.
Did you know that most of the artists here, not even come from Paris? Many of them aren’t even French! What a shame, times are changing.. But well, I like to come here anyways. It has a cozy atmosphere and it’s full of creative people. The man on the picture took my attention, he made ​​no effort to sell his work. He was focused solely on his painting. What do you think of it? Would you buy it or is it still a bit too touristic? 


7 thoughts on “An artist in Montmartre, Paris.

    • You should go there early in the morning, when the tourists are still sleeping and the artists are preparing themselfs for a new day. Only then, I can imagine how it was back in the days.. waaaay before I was born ;)

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  2. Didn’t realize how busy this area was however it was fun to walk through. I bought 2 pieces from this artist, one for me and one for a friend. Loved his abstract style and felt it was truly original amongst the other artists channeling the masters of the past. This is one of my favorite Paris finds!

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