Mind blown – shoes or chocolate in Paris?

SAMSUNGAre those shoes or is it chocolate? Shoes or chocolate? Shoes or chocolate? Shoes or.. WHÁÁÁ,  STOP PLAYING WITH MY HEAD! (For me, it works both ways. If it are shoes.. no problem. If it’s chocolate.. come to mommy!)

How awesome is this? They look so real to me and especially those men shoes. I think if I bought a pair for my boyfriend, he wouldn’t even notice it! And this isn’t the whole collection ;) The name of the chocolate-shop is Joséphine Vannier and they have so much more creative chocolate ‘artworks’.  You can even choose between a hiking shoe and a pretty shoe.. doesn’t that remind you of  an older post of mine? So, If you are in the area of Place des Vosges in Le Marais, you should step by. And if you’re not in this area you have a reason to visit it. Because chocolate and shoes are always a good reason.. 

As usual I discuss the prices with you, because we still like to visit Paris again with some money in the bank. Most chocolate stores in Paris are way overpriced. That’s just part of the game, we have to accept that. This time the prices surprised me. Maybe it’s because we get used to the high prices in Paris. To be sure, I made a quick calculation. Normally you pay a minimum of € 50 euros for a pair of shoes. Because you only get one shoe here (and you can eat it) I think € 25 euro is a reasonable price. Right?

Here is the address of the chocolate shop and the website. You can see the collection online.
4 Rue du Pas de la Mule
75003 Paris, France (duh)
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