Groceries shopping at a film location from Amélie.

DSC_0481We found this place by chance on our way back to Gare du-Nord. If you’re an Amélie fan you should buy here some fruit for on-the-go. Which I did!

This little supermarket  is absolutely an important place in the movie and therefore a must-seen film location in Paris. I really enjoyed the scenes between the grocer (Mr. Collignon) and his assistant (Lucien). Even though I found him quite common to that sweet boy..

As you can see the name of the supermarket has changed into ‘Au marche de la Butte’ but the original sign, which was created for the film, is still hanging above the entrance. You can buy some postcards of the store as a little souvenir for yourself.

Here’s the address of the store, enjoy!

Au Marche de la Butte 
56, Rue des Trois Frères 
75018 Paris, Montmartre

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