Let me introduce you to Arlette Denis.

Arlette DenisThe first thing I thought when I heard her voice was “Ooh-la-la, someone plays a CD of Edith Piaf”. But when I listened a bit better, it wasn’t the voice of Edith Piaf. But it came close, a pure sound full with passion. When I walked around the corner I saw a street organ with a cheerful dressed woman behind it. There were many people around her. Not only for her singing and entertaining, but also for her decorated organ. She is a popular folksinger in Montmartre. I’ve never heard anyone sing so beautiful during a live performance. 

If you’re lucky you find her near Place du Tertre, which is near the Sacré Coeur on top of Butte-Montmartre in Paris. She is a folk singer who has a lot of fun during her performances. It doesn’t matter if there is one person or a whole group, she keeps singing full with passion and enjoyment. I had a great time. It annoyed me that there were so many people who only took pictures instead of listening to her voice (or buying her CD!).

If you haven’t heard of Arlette Denis yet, you can listen to her wonderful music on her website: http://www.arlettedenis.com/ and she is also on Facebook ;)



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