A chocolate bar a day, keeps an angry woman away.

Parijs december deel 2Just a subtle hint for all the men on my blog ;) 

If you’re near the metro station Peletier, you should definitely visit this vintage candy store. I’m not a huge fan of the name ‘vintage’ because it’s just a fancy name for old, but in this case, the company is worth a fancy title.

The family business ‘Ala Mere de Famille‘ has been around in Paris for over 250 years! That’s an amazing achievement, especially in a big city like Paris. What started off small ended up being a big company with 9 locations in Paris. It’s the oldest candy (chocolate) store in Paris and it has more than 1.200 different products from almost every French era.

Ala Mere de Famille is also known as a candy store with affordable prices. For example, A la Mère’s award-winning marrons glacés, are the most affordable in Paris. Although I love to come here, I find the prices myself quite high, in particular all the chocolate. Which is not very surprising because, the pride of the store are the chocolate recipes of Julien Merceron. He became Champion Young Chocolatier in 2009 and he is the reason many tourists and Parisians visit the stores. Julien Merceron wrote a cookbook named ‘A la Mere de Famille- Artisanal recipes’. The book is full with fun and easy recipes. You can buy almost all the ingredients of the book in the supermarket and the techniques are very user friendly. I think the best part of his book, are the large images and illustrations. It makes me want to jump immediately out of my pajamas and start baking! 

If you want to bring back some French chocolate, you should buy it here. They don’t only sell small/medium or large gift boxes but also many cute baskets and other creations. Good luck with choosing!


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