Optique des Vosges, Paris

Optique des VosgesMany Parisians are walking around in cute and creative outfits. Which isn’t surprising because, after all, Paris is a city of fashion. They don’t buy these outfits in the big fashion chains but mostly at some local boutiques.

I get more and more the question where I find all these Parisian shops, I share on my blog. Well, that question is easy to answer and that’s why I respond to it through a blog post. You’ll discover all these Parisian shops by following my blog ;) But if you want to find them by yourself, you just have to keep your eyes open. Local stores are literally everywhere in Paris. Avoid the metro as much as possible and don’t walk too much on the main road. The local shops are often hidden behind the main street (because of the rental prices). When you’ve found a store you like, make a picture of it and make a note of the nearest Metro station. At that way you can find them easily again.

Tip: to increase your search capability for Parisian shops.. an Parisian optician! 

At these moments I wish I had glasses ;) I tried to sell one to my mother, but she wasn’t interested haha. I’m not the type of person who wears the frame without the glasses but I almost would..The glasses from Optique des Vosges are full of color and have crazy designs. The glasses are expensive but you get something unique in return. I was surprised how many people walked in and out..

Here’s the address:
12 rue St Antoine
75004 Paris
Located in the Marais across the Protestant Church named ‘Eglise Réformée du Marais’.
Nearest metro station: Bastille
If you also have a question about Paris (or my blog), feel free to ask me anything :) 

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