Dog friendly area in Paris.

Dog friendly areaYes! I found another one. Last time I wrote 5 well-known issues with 5 solutions if you want to bring your dog to Paris (click here if you want to read that post: ‘keep calm and take your dog to Paris‘ ). Paris isn’t a ‘dog friendly’ city so I’m always very excited when I find a new place for the dogs!

This one is build on a little island in the Seine and it’s called ‘Allée des Cygnes’. The island is 890 meters long en only 20 meters wide. The nearest metro station is Bir Hakeim.

The park is always open but during the evening hours, I won’t recommend it to you. Parks that never close often attract strange people. Always be careful with that. Besides that this little park is fun for the dogs. It isn’t one of the most beautiful parks in Paris but, Parisians meet and the dogs can play together. In the winter the park looks a bit gloomy but in the summer the trees are full of color and there are many benches where you can relax or have a little picnic with your dog, haha. Cars, barbecues and alcohol aren’t allowed, which means this is a quiet and legal place to enjoy some time with your dog. Make sure you clean up the mess your little friend left behind ;)

When you walk till the end of the park you’ll find the statue of Liberty of Paris.


3 thoughts on “Dog friendly area in Paris.

  1. Is it true that no one in Paris picks up their dog’s poop? I have read that and heard it. I’ve heard that Paris smells like dog poop. What is your experience?

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