Shopping carts in the Parisian supermarkets.

Shopping cartI know.. why is she blogging about shopping carts?! I admit it, it’s not the most interesting thing about Paris but I thought it was fun to share. I promised that I would tell you EVERYTHING about Paris. So here we are. Look at them. They are so cool. I had never seen them before and had to try them out.

You can put the basket on top of the lower part and then it’s ready for use. The problem with a normal basket is that it’s often too heavy because of the water bottles, cheese plates, too much chocolate bars and bottles of wine ;) That will cost you your back. Then we have a normal shopping cart. The Parisian supermarkets are mostly not very big so a normal shopping cart isn’t practical. You always bump into things, turning around a corner is difficult and when you park your shopping cart for a minute to grab something.. the path is blocked and four people are waiting on you. The solution? This Trolley-Shopping-Cart-Thing (the one at the picture is from Carrefour)

I don’t know the official name of it but in Paris they just call them ”shopping carts”. I like that, don’t make it more difficult than necessary. They are very easy to control and to navigate yourself through the supermarket. No more heavy lifting or struggling around with your big shopping cart.

Don’t you like all those new inventions? I do. I think it’s great that people sit around a big table and brainstorm with each other like … ‘how can we make a shopping basket even more useful than before?’ I’m very curious about the shopping carts in 2030! What about you?


2 thoughts on “Shopping carts in the Parisian supermarkets.

  1. They are very different! Much better than the basket with a wire handle that hurts your hand as soon as you put anything heavier than dust into it ;-) And typical French, it is even quite stylish!

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