Don’t we all agree with this?

Art is a basic needI found this quote in the streets of Montmartre, as usual. Montmartre is a popular place for street-artists, philosophers, photographers and writers. I’ve looked at this quote for a while and didn’t understand why the writer chose a dark and rugged font. It looks a bit ugly too me. Why didn’t he used some more color or more cheerful letters? 

Then I started to realize the sentence ‘art is a basic need’. Imagine how the world would look like if art disappears out of our lives.. We would lost all the colors in our minds and living rooms. We would lost the ability to write in beautiful and elegant letters. We can’t spend our days anymore in museums, art studios or at interesting expositions. Paris won’t have an Eiffel Tower. New York City (and Paris) won’t have a Statue of Liberty and Madonna would never have worn her pointy bra. All the statues in the world would disappear. The Mona-Lisa won’t laugh anymore and Clet Abraham will lost his inspiration for the street signs in Europe. You also have to say goodbye to all the street-art and the ‘I love you wall’  in the streets of Paris.

I can go on for days but I think you get my point.  And I think that was the intention of the unknown writer. To prove a point, or he was out of colored paint ;)

What would you miss the most if art disappeared?


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