Parisian nights.

Paris at NightI‘m really not a romantic person. Seriously, I get uncomfortable and try to make a joke out your bouquet of roses. That’s why I like Paris. You don’t need a bouquet of roses or a serenade from a creepy guy with a violin to make your night ‘romantic’. Paris is made for people like me, and I like being me. I like to joke around and be a bit clumsy. I received once a card from my boyfriend with ”I love you, even if you’re clumsy”. That’s my kind of romance, haha!

Look at the picture above. It’s just a normal street with a cute couple that hold each other’s hands. In another city it would be nothing special. But, I bet if that guy asks her to marry him, she would cry tears and tell the whole family that he proposed to her at the most romantic spot in Paris. Can you explain that? No, because Paris is romance and real romance can’t be explained. It happens. 


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